Wants a Plenty



Welcome to Wants a Plenty, where we go from house to house, town to town filling at least 5 wants per day, per sim for a week.

I have been reading ASimWen‘s challenge for a few years now (it was started in 2011).  She recently came back after almost two years away and it really got me interested in trying this challenge (again).

Pleasantview Play Order:

  1. Lothario
  2. Goth
  3. Caliente
  4. Broke
  5. Dreamer
  6. Pleasant
  7. Burb
  8. Oldie
  9. Goodie

Basic Rules:

  1. Fulfill at least 5 wants per day, per sim.
  2. The citizens of Pleasantview the Megahood will choose their own mates.
  3. “WooHoo” wish can never be ignored. I use the Risky Woo Hoo hack in my game, and I will only choose Try For Baby for someone with the want for a baby locked in. My Sim may get pregnant, may not.
  4. When the phone rings, answer it.
  5. All invites out must be accepted, unless a pregnant sim has low stats or they have visitors on the lot already.
  6. Permanent Platinum Sims may or may not have their wishes filled.
  7. Permaplat elders may be moved into a retirement home.
  8. University:  Sims will only go to University if they roll the wish and it stays for 48 hours without it being locked in.
  9. Single sims/romance sims who become pregnant will roll a dice to see if they keep the baby or put it up for adoption.
  10. A try for baby that fails three times makes that sim infertile and they can adopt a baby from the Orphanage.
  11. I have auto private school enabled, so if the family has the money, the kids will switch to it.
  12. Risky is set at 30%.
  13. No one can move out of the house until after 6 pm Sunday night.  They will get their names listed last on the rotation.

I will add more stuff here, if I feel anything needs changing.

New! November 2019:

  1. Started playing a Megahood using Meetme2therivers cleaned hoods.
  2. Will be playing Prosperity style and may do points
  3. I’m using no20khandouts, so people can move as much as they want.
  4. All chance cards must be taken for good or bad.