Generation 3

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Bomber Daymore

10/3/10/0/2, Scorpio
Aspiration: Become Cult Leader

Restriction  Lifted: Working on Paranormal (if he ever finds a damn job).

  • Sims may plead with the Grim Reaper.
  • A Sim’s grave or urn may be moved from the place it initially appears.
  • Graves and urns may be sold, even if a sim has smashed them.
  • Graves and urns may be placed into inventory.
  • Sims may use the Resurrect-o-Nomitron.

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Cepheus Daymore – Heir

10/0/10/0/10, Virgo
Aspiration: Become Captain Hero

Restriction unlocked: Law Enforcement

  • Your Sims may purchase smoke detectors, fire sprinklers, burglar alarms and car alarms.
  • Your Sims may use the Emergency tab on the phones.
  • Teenage and Elder Sims that have less than a 10 Body may leave the lot for any reason, including going to work or community lots.
    • Teens no longer need 10 Body points to go to College.
  • Your Sims may call the police to look for runaway teens.
  • Sims may use the Fingerprint Scanner.

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Trista Shaw – Spouse

5/5/3/8/4, Taurus
Aspiration:  Become Celebrity Chef

Restriction Unlocked: Culinary

  • Sims may purchase and use anything from the Ovens or Small Appliance category.
  • You may prepare food with no restriction.
  • Sims pulling out baby bottles does NOT count against this limit and may be done as many times per day as needed.
  • Sims may prepare Gelatin.
  • Sims may prepare food on community lots
  • Sims may eat at restaurants on community lots.
  • You may use the Delivery menu on the phone to order Pizza or Chinese food.
  • Sims may purchase prepared food from community lots (such as pre-made cakes from a bakery).
  • Sims may hold food in inventory.
  • Sims may flag any food item as “for sale” with the wholesale tool.
  • Sims may purchase or use birthday cakes, wedding cakes, the bakery display case or any catering buffet tables.
  • Sims can make use of the Chocolate Maker.