Generation 4

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James Daymore

Aspiration: Max 5 Skills – Done

Restriction Unlocked: Athletics

  • Any item that takes up more than one square may now be moved or placed back into inventory once placed on the lot
  • Sims may restock items or delete out-of-stock items.
  • Sims may sell Buy Mode objects that are larger than 1 square.
  • Gym equipment may be purchased or used.
  • Sims may perform the Leap in Arms interaction.
  • The Punching Bag may only be used by any Sims.
  • Sims may carry more than 3 items in their inventory.

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Emma Daymore

10/1/10/6/8, Virgo
Aspiration: Become the Law

Restriction Unlocked: Slacker

  • Sims may use vacation days.
  • Sims who no longer have to quit jobs if they miss a day.
  • If Sims get fired, they may get their job back.
  • Elders may not retire, they must quit if they wish to stop working.
  • You may ignore chance cards.
  • Sims may use the Hydroponic Garden reward object.

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Flora Vukovic – Spouse

9/2/6/3/5, Virgo
Aspiration: Max 7 Skills – Completed

Restriction Unlocked – Politics

  • Sims’ houses may occupy larger than an 8X8 area.
  • You may place any items outside of this 8X8 area.
  • Sims may extend the house underground within the 8X8 area.
  • Sims may build upwards, as long as the higher floors do not hang outside the 8X8 area.
  • You may use the setHighestAllowedLevel cheat to build as tall as you like.
  • Sims may perform influence actions.
  • Sims may use the Teleprompter podium.