Generation 2

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Nova Daymore – Heiress

10/3/10/2/10, Virgo
Aspiration: Earn $100,000 – Complete

Restriction Lifted: Science

  • Sims may purchase and use anything from the Electronics category.
  • Personal electronics (cell phone, handheld game, MP3 player) may be bought.
  • Sims may purchase robots, including Servos. Servos may be moved and activated.
  • You may call the exterminator (also requires Business to hire Service Sim).
  • Sims may purchase and use the “Non-Deadly” Robot Crafting Station.
  • Sims may purchase anything from the Lights category.
  • Sims may purchase and use the trash compactor, electric guitar or bass.

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General Buzz Grunt – Spouse

6/7/10/0/2, Leo
Aspiration:  Original is unknown, but completed a different one.

Restriction Lifted:  Military

  • Sims may travel to any community lots.
  • You may invite over any Sims
  • These restrictions also apply to Parties, Outings and Dates if they are available.
  • You may still hail and socialize with walk-bys as normal.
  • Sims may be sent off to college.
  • Teenage Sims may Ask Permission to Go Out or Sneak Out
  • Sims may Find Own Place or otherwise move out of the house.
  • Only Sims can use the Obstacle Course object (still locked by Politics).

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Liam Daymore

2/3/9/5/10, Pisces
Aspiration: Show Business – Completed.

Restriction Lifted: Show Business

  • Sims may only use the Practice Speech or Practice Romance interactions on mirrors
  • Sims may purchase anything from the Wardrobe tab.
  • Sims may purchase perfume or the Love Potion 8.5
  • Sims may throw parties of any kind.
  • Sims may have Outings, casual or scored.
  • Sims may go on scored dates.
  • Sims may purchase or use the stylist’s makeover chair.
  • The Diva and Mr. Big NPCs may be moved into the house for any reason.
  • The Show Business career reward object may be used by any Sim.

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Lyra Daymore

0/10/10/7/0, Gemini
Aspiration: Become a Criminal Mastermind – Completed

Restriction Lifted:  Criminal


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Cosmos Daymore

1/1/10/10/10, Sagittarius
Aspiration: Become Mayor – Not completed

Restriction lifted: Artist

  • Items from the Wall Hanging, Sculpture and Rugs tabs may be purchased or placed.
  • Items that build Creativity may be purchased or used including the Lie Finder and the Hydroponic Garden.
  • Sims may use the Camera.

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Star Daymore

10/10/10/3/2, Aries
Aspiration: Become Chief of Staff.

Unlock: Medicine

  • Showers and bathtubs of all types may be purchased and used at home or on a community lot.
  • Dish washers may be purchased or used.
  • Hot tubs and Water Wigglers are allowed.
  • Pools may be built or used if Politics is lifted.
  • Sims may use medicine to become well.
  • Whenever Sims Woohoo, they no longer must Try for Baby.
  • You may purchase and use the changing table.
  • Sims may purchase Vamprocillin-D. )
  • Sims may use the Surgical Dummy