Generation 1

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Thorn Daymore

2/5/6/7/5, Aquarius
Knowledge/Family (Secondary chosen after the 3rd child was born).
Aspiration: Max 7 skills – Complete

Restrictions Lifted:

  • Natural Science
    • You may place any landscaping items (flowers, bushes, trees).
    • You may alter the ground color.
    • You may buy or place any items from the Plants tab.
    • The family house no longer has to be on a dirt or desert landscape.
    • The colleges Sims attend no longer has to be on a desert or dirt tile set.
    • You may plant the Cow Plant.
    • You may use Hydroponic Garden career reward object (from the Slacker career).
    • You may purchase or use the wedding arch.
    • Chef Salads may be cooked, ordered at restaurants, or bought pre-made.
    • You may order groceries for delivery via the phone or computer.
    • Sims may use telescopes (too cloudy to see anything).
    • Sims may Watch Clouds or Stargaze on the ground.
    • Any flowers received as Date Rewards no longer have to be placed into inventory or sold by midnight.
    • Sims may buy the flower-arranging bench, but using it is not allowed – this is still locked through the Business Restrictions.
    • Sims may use the water tool from the landscaping menu.
    • Houses no longer need to be built on a foundation/deck and/or be built on pillars.
  • Hopelessness
    • Can move in and marry sims.
  • Alien Technology (Optional)
    • Can buy Aspiration Rewards.

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Gerard Landry

6/3/6/4/6, Cancer
Aspiration: Max out 5 skills – Complete

Restriction Lifted:

  •  Business
    • Your Sims may start their own business or purchase community lots.
    • You may sell items via the buy or build tab.
    • You may still do the selling and re-buying of the fridge while the Life of Crime Restriction is still in place, but may NOT do so once it is lifted, so be careful about lifting Life of Crime before you have secured another means to acquire food.
    • Your Sims may use the Sell interaction with objects (such as completed paintings, or workbench items)
      • Your Sims ARE allowed to finish writing novels and collect the royalties.
    • Your Sims may hire Service Sims of any kind and secure the services of the Gypsy Matchmaker.
    • You may Invite Headmaster to get Sims into private school.
    • Any sim may use the Execuputter.
    • Sims can use any crafting benches (Flower Arranging, Toy crafting, Robotics).