Sliding Doors – Completed

Rules on Boolprop

I’ve just cleaned up the misspelled words,  grammar, and overabundance of ellipses, and also to place here for anyone who does not use Boolprop.

This challenged is based on the theory that the direction your life takes you is prompted by the choices you make. A different decision at one particular point in your life – would have taken your life in a completely different direction.
How many times have you said … “If only I could turn back the clock, I would have done things differently!” …. well your sim can!!

So you are going to show your sim, living their life in three different parallel universes.
How differently will their life turns out, with each different choice?

The defining choice in this challenge will be the three different job paths they take in each life.

Set up

  • For this challenge you will need to create a young adult sim in CAS. You can also use a pre-existing sim as long as you start with a completely fresh copy of it (no skills). It doesn’t matter if they are male or female.
  • Aging can be set how you want – depending on how long or short you want this challenge to be, obviously the short life span will have you flying through this quicker.
  • Your sim must have two traits in particular …. Artistic and Genius, the other three traits are entirely up to you.
  • Their LTW is your choice, but it is wise not to choose a work based one because they will not be able to achieve it with the three job options that the sim take at the beginning of the challenge)
  • There are no restrictions about playing with occults, if you want to you can, but bear in mind some of the occults have extended lifespans and you could be making their lives unreasonable long. It is probably best to start your sim off as human (in all three lives) – and let them wish to become an occult.
  • You can play any world you like, a game, store or CC world it doesn’t really matter, but the world must be built up and populated.
  • If you have seasons, set the weather and moon cycle to how you want it – but once you start to play the challenge these settings must stay as they are.
  • Move your sim onto an empty lot, large or small it is up to you.
  • Build them a starter home, using up all the money available to them (the starting $16,000) leaving them virtually penny less. Besides the basic necessities (bed, fridge, cooker, toilet etc) there are two things that you must give your sim – an easel and a computer.

IMPORTANT: Once you have set up  and before you start playing this challenge, you will need to save the game file and make two identical copies of it (Door One – Door Two and Door Three)

You will be taking them through each door and playing their life through three times,  Each of their lives must start from exactly the same point in time.  So the first thing you need to do when you go into each file to start playing their life, is get them employed in the job for that lifetime.

Once you have made your three file copies, you are not to change the town in any way.    No changing lots, adding buildings or adding other sims.  So, make sure you prepare the world before saving and making your three copies because you can not change anything after you have starting playing the challenge. The same goes for your sim, their traits and LTW and occult are to remain exactly the same for each challenge.

Door One:  She doesn’t really know what she wants to do with her life right now, she will see where the wind blows her and just takes a part time job at the grocery store / book store / spa / mausoleum ect.

Door Two:  Your sim has always liked the idea of becoming a doctor.  So she gets herself a job at the hospital

Door Three:  Your sim chooses not to let life tie her down with a nine to five job, so she registers herself at the town hall as a self employed Painter.

It doesn’t matter which order you play each life in.


If you don’t feel like doing the painting or medical career, alternatively you can pick other starting jobs (self employed painter and medical career) and traits (artistic and genius), but your sim must have one trait that fits and will help them with their job.

  • Examples = Science Career – Green Thumb
  • Business Career – Schmoozer trait
  • Criminal Career – Evil trait
  • Culinary Career – Natural cook trait
  • Sports Career – Athletic trait
  • You should aim for 1 self employed career – 1 professional career – 1 part time job.

Playing the challenge

  • It is important that you play each game file in exactly the same way.
  • No money cheats.
  • Mods can be used, as long as you stay consistent.
  • You will need to play this challenge the wishacy way.  You don’t control the sims and make their choices for them, they are in control of their own destiny.  So you leave them on free will and only control them to help them fulfill the wishes that they are rolling, including and especially their love lives.  It is their wishes that will dictate how their life turns out.
  • All lifetime rewards are allowed, as you have earned them.
  • The only building that you can alter during this challenge is the house your active sim is living in. You can obviously modernize the house to fit the needs of a growing family if and when your sim has one, providing you can afford it.
  • Your sim can move house during any of their lifetimes, but only if they roll the wish to move.
  • Your main aim during each life time is to achieve your sims LTW, but it doesn’t really matter if you don’t.
  • Toddlers are to be taught their skills:  Walking, talking, potty, pegs, and xylophone.  Toddler books only if you can afford them.
  • Babies can be aged up immediately, but the child must then be left to age up in the game naturally
  • Once the children have reached young adult it is up to you what you do with them (kick them out, move them out or let them stay at home) but whichever option you take, be consistent through out the three lifetimes.
  • To complete this challenge you need to play all three of their lives to the end, from the point where they make their job choice until the day they die.
  • If they die prematurely during one of their lifetimes, you haven’t failed, them dying early was just how it was meant to be.
  • When your sim gets themselves a spouse and family, try not to focus on them too much, because this is your sims life. However, on saying that, you can still fulfill the wishes of all the sims living in the active house, because what they do will have an impact on your sims life and make it what it is.
  • I don’t see the point in point systems, so there isn’t one, and you can’t really fail this challenge unless of course you give up part way through and don’t complete play through all three lives.


This Idea was by Nevermore.  Instead of playing the same world over with three different jobs, flip it and play one job in three different worlds.

Of course you don’t have to stop at three lives if you don’t want to, you can play as many as you like, trying out different job and career paths.

So how different were your sims three lives?