Clavell Legacy, Generation 1

Generation 1

TS3 2017-12-15 16-05-01-11.jpg

From Dumpster Diver to Family Man: The Clavell Legacy.

The legacy picks up at Xander’s adult birthday.

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Door 2, Sliding Doors

Door 2: Chapter 2

TS3 2017-11-06 15-46-58-14.jpg

Welcome back!  Sorry for the delay.  I had to hunt down my game issue which turned out to be all my mod settings.  I started a Mermaid Sun Challenge.  That is fast and fun and with no commentary, it was easy to undo and redo mods while playing instead of writing crap.

Also, I have new lighting and stars mod.  That’s really neat and I find myself doing some scenery pics once in a while.

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Door 1, Sliding Doors

Door 1: Chapter 6

TS3 2017-10-27 15-59-20-04.jpg

Nice fall (into winter) view of the lighthouse to get us started.

Lots going on this time and not many pictures to document it.  I got injured Thursday night when the husband tried to kill me.  Then yesterday, I stayed home in an attempt to recuperate some more and my kid (13) went out and bagged his first deer with his dad and uncle, a 9 point buck.  I told them that as long as I don’t have to see the corpse or eat the meat, to have fun.

I’m a city girl through and through.  We don’t do hunting where I come from.  That’s why we have fucking grocery stores.

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