Door 2: Chapter 5

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Last time, Ivory kept having boys.  Then we had a lot of birthdays.   That’s about it.

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Generation 2

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Xander and Agnes are forced in to old age while Alyssa moves in the mother of her children.  Alex marries the mother of his baby and that family moves out.

Welcome to Generation 2

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Door 1: Chapter 6

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Nice fall (into winter) view of the lighthouse to get us started.

Lots going on this time and not many pictures to document it.  I got injured Thursday night when the husband tried to kill me.  Then yesterday, I stayed home in an attempt to recuperate some more and my kid (13) went out and bagged his first deer with his dad and uncle, a 9 point buck.  I told them that as long as I don’t have to see the corpse or eat the meat, to have fun.

I’m a city girl through and through.  We don’t do hunting where I come from.  That’s why we have fucking grocery stores.

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