Door 2: Chapter 6

I’m back from vacation and trying to play a bit with a hand injury.

Last time, Candi showed off her commitment issues by divorcing Ivory.  Almost all the kids had birthdays.

TS3 2018-07-04 18-26-05-55.jpg

A newly aged up Phillip heads over to Ultimecia’s house to see why she was still stuck as a teen.  He was shocked to see her expanding tummy.

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Door 2: Chapter 2

TS3 2017-11-06 15-46-58-14.jpg

Welcome back!  Sorry for the delay.  I had to hunt down my game issue which turned out to be all my mod settings.  I started a Mermaid Sun Challenge.  That is fast and fun and with no commentary, it was easy to undo and redo mods while playing instead of writing crap.

Also, I have new lighting and stars mod.  That’s really neat and I find myself doing some scenery pics once in a while.

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