Megahood Wants, PV: Caliente

All who live here:  Nina Caliente, Become Celebrity Chef.  Dina Caliente, Earn $100,000.

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Megahood Wants, PV: Goth

In this houseMortimer Goth, LTW Max 7 skills. Cassandra Goth, Become Chief of Staff.  Alexander Goth, Grow up/Become Ecological Guru.  Don Lothario, Become Media Magnate/Professional Party Guest.  Bella Goth, Become Captain Hero.  Michael Lothario, grow up.

First Wishes:

Mortimer: Buy a telescope worth more than $2,000.
Cassandra:  Marry Don
Alexander: Play with Mortimer

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Megahood Wants, PV: Lothario

In case you weren’t aware, I thought I was backing up my hood and when I took it, instead of copy and pasting, I cut and then pasted.  I was distracted and I already had a Pleasantview hood (ABC legacy) and I overwrote them both, thus killing two challenges with one click of the mouse.

So, we start again and this time we are doing a Megahood.

Am I going to recreate the last attempt?
Nope.  This will be freshly wish driven with a prosperity style.

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Wants a Plenty, Round 3: Broke

Last time:  Brandi met and married Willard.  They are now expecting a baby.  Dustin moved off to University.  Beau had normal child wants and became friends with Tessa Ramirez.  Brandon learned all his toddler skills and then had a birthday.

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