Wants a Plenty, Round 3: University

Last time, Dirk, Dustin, Lilith and Angela completed two years of college.  It was boring for the most part and the twins only passed the semesters because Dustin need to do research with others.

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Wants a Plenty, Round 3: Pleasant

Last time, Daniel and Mary-Sue worked on repairing their relationship for the sake of the twins.  The girls take off for university.  Daniel and Mary-Sue both aged up to elder.

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Wants a Plenty, Round 3: Broke

Last time:  Brandi met and married Willard.  They are now expecting a baby.  Dustin moved off to University.  Beau had normal child wants and became friends with Tessa Ramirez.  Brandon learned all his toddler skills and then had a birthday.

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Wants a Plenty, Round 3: Caliente (1)

Last time, Nina had an unwanted pregnancy and we later find out during the Goth house that it was Mortimer’s.  Not knowing the goldmine she was giving birth to, Nina puts her up for adoption at Kaylynn’s Orphanage.  She later met and got engaged to Malcolm Landgraab, but had no other wants.  She gets to level 7 of her career.

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