Wants a Plenty, Round 2: University

Welcome to our first visit to university.  I did a tour already and graduated a lot of teen townies.  They were then given jobs and turned into downtownies or back to townies, just to get rid of them all.  I doubt we will see them again, but it just progresses the town a bit.

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Wants a Plenty, Round 2: Caliente (2)

Last time, Dina and Mortimer married, then quickly divorced when he found out that she was carrying Don’s baby.  Dina and Violet now live in an empty apartment, broke.

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Wants a Plenty, Round 2: Pleasant

Last time, Daniel got busted with Kaylynn.  Dan and Mary-Sue put their differences aside long enough to hang out with the girls so that they could at least attempt to get over their mad.  Both girls learned to study.  Mary-Sue told Dustin to leave her daughter alone, which is probably why Angela chased him around during his house time.

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Wants a Plenty, Round 2: Broke

Previously, Brandi toddler trained Beau in her spare time, gave birth to Brandon and tried to be a good mom to Dustin.  Dustin and Angela are a thing, of course.  Dustin helps out Beau with learning to talk and later his homework.  Brandon was born at the end of the chapter.

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