Intermission: Spares

Sims2EP9 2017-04-21 07-49-01-91

In this update we see Ban Tor, Cheez Whiz, Pork Rind, and Spam all find love and move out.

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TPC: 6

Sims2EP9 2017-04-06 06-17-40-47
Last time, we saw angry teens knocking over garbage cans, more birthdays and move outs, had our one and only teen pregnancy and just hours later four puppies were born.

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TPC: 4

Welcome back!  Last time they said goodbye to Velveeta, they said hello to twins, they had their second yard sale, they said hello to FOUR stinking pups and they had a lot of birthdays, two of which saw Bubblelynn and Hank both become elders.

Sims2EP9 2017-03-31 18-05-31-38

Our founder is Bubblelynn.  She is currently our criminal career person and she is at level 3.  Thanks to Michelle, she now sports the handy dandy job stopinator.

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