L-R: Frito Pie, the heiress, Ban-Tor, Pork Rind, Cheez Whiz, Hank, and Spam.

Last time, we had tub pirating, noogies, and Funyun made his escape, woohoo, aspiration failures, smelly dogs, lots of grilled cheese, feudal fighting of townies, and gnome thievery.  We did see our two youngest become teens also.

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TPC: 4

Welcome back!  Last time they said goodbye to Velveeta, they said hello to twins, they had their second yard sale, they said hello to FOUR stinking pups and they had a lot of birthdays, two of which saw Bubblelynn and Hank both become elders.

Sims2EP9 2017-03-31 18-05-31-38

Our founder is Bubblelynn.  She is currently our criminal career person and she is at level 3.  Thanks to Michelle, she now sports the handy dandy job stopinator.

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