Daymore Apocalypse, Chapter 2.0

Last time, Thorn took on the Apocalypse.  Nova takes us on to Generation 2.

Sims2EP9 2019-03-07 11-39-02-82.jpg

Nova was super excited to escape the house she grew up on, but her excitement died when she realized exactly where she would be living.  Her hopes of dorm life was crushed almost immediately.

Sims2EP9 2019-03-07 11-43-32-74.jpg

By day two, Nova’s fun is gone.  She digs for treasure, but dreads the stench that comes with it.

Sims2EP9 2019-03-07 11-49-42-63.jpg

She woke up that morning and snuck a bag of chips.  The countdown to midnight was tense.

Sims2EP9 2019-03-07 11-50-16-80.jpg

It took three plates of hot dogs, but at least she survived.

Sims2EP9 2019-03-07 11-53-38-86.jpg

As a young adult, I am happy to report that 5 hand washings makes her the cleanest she has ever been (without the help of snapdragons).  She passed her first term with flying colors and is now hard at work getting her sophomore year off the ground.

Nova has no need of friends and she is allowed one phone call to her dad first thing in the morning for her social.  Her aspiration is making $100,000, so college is just to get a bigger want panel and a degree.

How this will work:

  • One term of university
  • Three days back home.
  • This will be repeated until Lyra returns home.  This will hopefully keep aging on track.

Sims2EP9 2019-03-07 13-28-39-86

Back in Strangetown, Thorn is meditating his way through the night.

Sims2EP9 2019-03-07 13-31-53-03.jpg

While Buzz reads a novel and wonders what the hell he’s doing here, Liam and Lyra are reading up on Anger Management.

Sims2EP9 2019-03-07 13-34-44-39.jpg

Gerard was asleep with no snapdragon support.  It takes a hell of a long time for him to feel clean again.

Sims2EP9 2019-03-07 13-41-40-12.jpg

Buzz was writing a novel, Gerard was making snapdragons, and Liam and Lyra were asleep.  I never noticed Thorn disappear, but I sure heard it when the spaceship dropped his dumbass off.  I may need to hide the telescope since we are now expecting a vamp-alien baby.

Sims2EP9 2019-03-07 13-51-37-19.jpg

At first Liam was excited to see his sister, but after having his birthday and seeing his face, he wanted to go home.

Sims2EP9 2019-03-07 13-51-51-69.jpg


Sims2EP9 2019-03-07 14-01-40-46.jpg

That first night, both Nova and Liam did their term papers.  Nova started working on her flower arranging and Liam did not have the smart milk issue like Nova and Lyra did, so he did not gain many skills as a child for some reason.  He gained all his body skill to go to university, but not much else.

In her free time, Nova searched the skies for her other parent.

Sims2EP9 2019-03-07 14-03-25-43.jpg

Nova got her silver badge and an unhappy Liam got a few skill points in mechanical.  Here they are after passing their final exam.

Sims2EP9 2019-03-07 14-06-47-10.jpg

It’s Monday back in Strangetown.  Ripp wanted to come home from school with Lyra who almost said no until she realized that his dad lived in the house.  They gossiped a little bit, but Lyra had to go to work.

Sims2EP9 2019-03-07 14-08-09-62.jpg

Buzz:  I’m sorry I bailed on you and your brothers.  When your country needs you to do something, you do it without question.  I hope the money I send home to you three is going to good use.
Ripp:  It’s okay, dad.  I’m glad you can help make the world a better place.  Also, Lyra is freaking hot!
Buzz:  You should see her sister.

Sims2EP9 2019-03-07 14-09-30-62.jpg

Downstairs, Gerard has his elder birthday just a few short hours after getting level 9 in education, a job he took just for the bookcase.

Since he does have his 10 body skill, he will go to work for that last promotion before retiring.

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I never did show off the house.  The third floor was empty for the longest time.  I did copy Raebeth’s house from apocalypse because I couldn’t find one to download.  Thorn could have started on a Secret Society Hideout, but I had no clue what the hell that was.

Everything in the house is one tile except: Coffin, telescope, execuputter, Flower bench, beds, toddler nap mat.  The crib is one tile.

Sims2EP9 2019-03-07 14-36-28-54

These two finally get to have some fun between the sheets without consequence.

Sims2EP9 2019-03-07 14-38-59-32.jpg

The night was spent playing chess or writing novels while Lyra slept.

Sims2EP9 2019-03-07 14-42-07-26.jpg

Depending on who you ask, Tuesday was either good or bad.  Buzz got demoted and Gerard got promoted due to chance cards.  Also, Thorn’s novel brought in a little over $3,000, not that money is a worry.

Sims2EP9 2019-03-07 14-46-31-19.jpg

Gerard heads inside to retire and Lyra arrives home with Tank right on her heels.

Sims2EP9 2019-03-07 14-48-21-48.jpg

Buzz didn’t get promoted, so a quick glance shows he lost 4 skill points that he needed.

Sims2EP9 2019-03-07 14-49-10-94.jpg

Thorn let Buzz have some elixir as his elder birthday was creeping up.

Sims2EP9 2019-03-07 14-51-37-02.jpg

Lyra waited until Thorn was safely tucked in for the day before calling a taxi to take her to school.  Gerard rushed down and got there just in time to see her off.

Sims2EP9 2019-03-07 15-05-05-37.jpg

God, I just want to fix her eyebrows.  It’s killing me.  I wanted to get rid of the dreads too, but they sort of grew on me.

Sims2EP9 2019-03-07 15-09-09-26.jpg

I am allowing two computers as long as there are two or more people in the house.  Liam got part of his term paper done before his class.  Lyra has just finished hers and is heading off to her first class.

Sims2EP9 2019-03-07 15-13-59-51.jpg

The only fun item they have is the telescope, so when someone is using it, Nova comes out and gives them hobby tips while waiting her turn on it.

Sims2EP9 2019-03-07 15-17-47-49.jpg

Lyra gets her first real “bath”.

Sims2EP9 2019-03-07 15-18-18-19.jpg

Bitch!  Omg.  I had just turned the fridge around while she was having her sponge bath and was just clicking on the BBQ to make burgers, but she grabbed chips before I could stop her.

3 am and she just ate the only allowed food for the whole family.

Sims2EP9 2019-03-07 15-19-05-77.jpg

I then caught her standing by the trash can and her hunger bar was going up.  Can you eat from the bin?

Sims2EP9 2019-03-07 15-19-34-54.jpg

She then started doing this and gained $20.

Everyone left for exams.  Nova is a Senior, Liam is a Junior, and Lyra the Loser is a Sophomore.

Sims2EP9 2019-03-07 15-39-22-88.jpg

Back in the main house, Buzz gets his promotion back.

Sims2EP9 2019-03-07 15-40-31-17.jpg

Instead of dealing with that again, Buzz quits his job and starts looking for a new one.  He’s made $10,000 of the $100,000 for his aspiration.

Sims2EP9 2019-03-07 15-47-58-69.jpg

Dumbass!  Why are you giving birth outside.  In the SUN?  Are you stupid?!

Sims2EP9 2019-03-07 15-48-12-98.jpg

At the same exact time, Buzz gives up his job search to do a booty call.  Ugh.  It got cancelled, Cosmos got in a crib, and Thorn got into his coffin before he could die…. but it was damn close.

That was literally the only excitement during our three day visit.

Sims2EP9 2019-03-07 16-03-39-67.jpg

Liam and Nova are doing okay without food.  We can thank the snapdragons.

Sims2EP9 2019-03-07 16-04-52-61.jpg

Liam had just finished his term paper and was heading to bed, but class calls.

Sims2EP9 2019-03-07 16-07-02-90.jpg

Nothing much happens the next night.  They mainly just sleep and try to keep their needs up.

Sims2EP9 2019-03-07 16-14-23-56.jpg

Nova has graduated, but she needed a nap before moving back home.  I don’t blame her.

Liam is now a Senior and Lyra is now a Junior.  The end is in sight!

Sims2EP9 2019-03-07 16-24-48-18.jpg

And she finally wakes up as Liam leaves for class.  I guess her outfit could be worse?

Next time, we head back to Strangetown!

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