Door 3: Chapter 4

TS3 2019-02-06 10-55-16.jpg

Before getting started, Ivory needs to make sure the cowplant is fed.

TS3 2019-02-06 10-56-17.jpg

The four items to be upgraded will be the shower, toilet, sink and tv.

Marcus and Amelia come home from boarding school.

TS3 2019-02-06 10-57-35.jpg

LOL  is it any wonder that they were shipped off in the first place?

TS3 2019-02-06 11-02-13.jpg

TS3 2019-02-06 11-03-04.jpg

There’s nothing spectacular about either one and both are kicked out.

TS3 2019-02-06 11-07-17.jpg

Today’s unwanted item:  Horseshoe court.

TS3 2019-02-06 11-10-02.jpg

Not much going on for Ivory.  She got her four items upgraded and now she’s off to teach a seminar in handiness.

TS3 2019-02-06 11-14-46.jpg

I had her queued up to check her mail after the seminar.  I went to get something from the microwave and came to her eating the cake.

After that, she was only good for a shower before going to bed.

TS3 2019-02-06 11-19-19.jpg

Too bad potions aren’t like recipes, max a skill and learn them all.

TS3 2019-02-06 11-24-44.jpg

I just left her creating potions on triple speed while I watched in utter boredom.  It soon became apparent that I would need to let her eat, sleep and pee (not in that order).

TS3 2019-02-06 11-26-32.jpg

Here are the three she learned in about 12 hours.  I find it funny that she learned the IF potion.  If that had been the goal to make, it would have been last.  It was the first.TS3 2019-02-06 11-37-57.jpg

From 2am to 9:30 am, Ivory was back at the potion table.

She learned the bladder flow and the ninja vanish potion before she almost died of starvation and pissing herself.

TS3 2019-02-06 11-39-29.jpg

Oh and she hasn’t had any contact with the outside world in three days.

TS3 2019-02-06 11-41-39.jpg

It’s a sad, sad day.  Poor Ivory was sent back to the potion table from 11:30 am to 4.  She was about to pass out and I remembered that she has the moodlet manager.  LOL

TS3 2019-02-06 11-42-59.jpg

Ivory almost immediately learns a new potion (4:30 pm) and her daughter invites her to a party.

TS3 2019-02-06 11-43-42.jpg

Ivory is now able to carry on until the party starts in 4 hours.  She makes the Radical Reparum (5:05).

TS3 2019-02-06 11-47-41.jpg

No other potions were learned and soon it was time to head to the party.  Booker was spotted and Ivory had to mock his ambition.

TS3 2019-02-06 11-48-47.jpg

Bertram was spotted too.  He asked her to watch the stars right before she was able to ask him.

TS3 2019-02-06 11-50-55.jpg

Ivory didn’t stick around.  It was rainy and there were too many people.  She heads home and makes more potions.

TS3 2019-02-06 11-52-36.jpg

I don’t even know what is left.  The newest are the stink juice and ghost potions.

Looks like one more in the logic log.

TS3 2019-02-06 11-54-13
TS3 2019-02-06 11-54-15
TS3 2019-02-06 11-54-19

There we go.  48 hours from start to finish.

TS3 2019-02-06 11-56-38.jpg

Ivory wants to catch a bug, which completes all current wishes, leaving her to freewill again.

TS3 2019-02-06 11-57-57.jpg

She heads home with her cockroach and feeds the cowplant.

TS3 2019-02-06 11-59-30.jpg

After feeding herself, she heads up to paint.  I haven’t been selling her freewill paintings, I have just been sticking them on walls.

TS3 2019-02-06 12-03-09.jpg

She’s been hoarding celebrity gifts.  While she slept, they were sold.  Then Kenji invited her to a party.

Ivory wants to go to a party and steal candy from a baby.  Now we need to find a baby….which there are no babies in town.  Then I figured out why my game is running smoothly.  Progression was off.  Sigh.

TS3 2019-02-06 12-10-55.jpg

Ivory heads home after the party.  She plays chess while SP lags the game trying to get babies made or whatever.

TS3 2019-02-06 12-12-54.jpg

Aha, I knew the game wouldn’t let me down.

TS3 2019-02-06 12-16-56.jpg

I guess playing with the cowplant makes you want to paint masterpieces.

TS3 2019-02-06 12-21-51.jpg

TS3 2019-02-06 12-22-12.jpg

While Ivory paints her life away (3/10 masterpieces), Peter and Carrie graduate.  Carrie looks like a darker skinned Ivory clone.

They are tossed out on their asses.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Only two duplicates!  I was surprised.

TS3 2019-02-06 12-36-44.jpg

I can’t believe she lived this long this time.

TS3 2019-02-06 12-43-28.jpg

Elder Ivory refused to go old lady grey.  She also got a full wardrobe since we have no clue how long she will eek out this life.

Then I saved my game and afterwards it crashed.  I’m so glad I saved.

TS3 2019-02-06 12-57-01.jpg

No wonder the game crashed!  Omg.  No!  Thank god, you’re an elder.

TS3 2019-02-06 12-59-28.jpg

It was decided that Ivory could either go into an old folks’ home or downgrade to a smaller house.

TS3 2019-02-06 12-59-56.jpg

She chose a very small house with cheap furniture.  We might just spruce it up a bit for her though.

TS3 2019-02-06 13-22-46.jpg

TS3 2019-02-06 13-22-55.jpg

Ivory spent a little bit to make the rundown shack a bit more better.

TS3 2019-02-06 13-40-08.jpg

She even got word that a new baby was born across town.

TS3 2019-02-06 13-40-28.jpg

Ivory didn’t give two fucks that the baby’s mommy and daddy were right there.  In fact, I don’t think they gave two fucks that Ivory was scaring it to death and stealing her candy.

TS3 2019-02-06 13-44-49.jpg

Ivory woke up everyday, ate, watched tv, ate, went to bed.  Woke up, read a book, peed, showered, and went to bed again.

Ivory:  I need to liven this place up.

So, Ivory bought a bbq and a fireplace and left mac n’cheese cooking on the stove with no luck.

TS3 2019-02-06 13-46-43.jpg

But man, if you leave fish on the grill, it eventually explodes.

TS3 2019-02-06 13-47-24.jpg

Ivory screamed as the flames took her, but shook Grim’s hand and happily followed him to the great beyond.

TS3 2019-02-06 13-47-57.jpg

She even gave herself a skill point for witnessing her own death!

Ivory:  Only a complete badass can do that!

TS3 2019-02-06 13-49-13.jpg

Even though Ivory hated her children, they did the right thing and took in her grave.

Carrie:  I better get that half million that bitch was hoarding!

…and on that sweetest of notes, Ivory’s Sliding Doors is now complete!

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