Door 3: Chapter 3

TS3 2018-12-10 09-55-52.jpg

Ivory starts off her day by heading to an opportunity.

TS3 2018-12-10 09-57-43.jpg

Instead of staying out and about, she immediately heads home afterward.

TS3 2018-12-10 10-11-28.jpg

TS3 2018-12-10 10-11-35.jpg

Well, might as well get right to it.  She also learns all the compositions that she bought.

TS3 2018-12-10 10-15-18.jpg
TS3 2018-12-10 10-16-29.jpg
TS3 2018-12-10 10-18-25.jpg

She finally just paints and paints.  She did one more brilliant painting and then two masterpieces in a row.

TS3 2018-12-10 10-19-33.jpg

She heads off to get an opportunity done.

TS3 2018-12-10 10-20-53.jpg

Then heads to Barrington’s for another party.  She stayed long enough to eat and pee and then went home.

TS3 2018-12-10 10-32-56.jpg

After snoozing, she paints and paints and paints.

TS3 2018-12-10 10-33-00.jpg

Tops the guitar.

TS3 2018-12-10 10-33-02.jpg

And completes her LTW.

TS3 2018-12-10 10-33-24.jpg

Sigh.  She finally had enough points for the moodlet manager.

TS3 2018-12-10 10-34-17.jpg

There was enough left over to buy an inheritance.  That still did not help.  Since she is a witch with a broom, she sold the $63,000 car, which did complete this wish.

TS3 2018-12-10 10-38-14.jpg

….nipples…  hahaha

TS3 2018-12-10 10-41-23.jpg

..and that last painting garners her finally the top of the painter career.

Ivory is now done with her challenge.  She just needs to die.  How much do you want to bet she lives until she dies a natural death now that she doesn’t need to?

…Two months later…

TS3 2019-02-06 08-19-26.jpg

Ohh that’s why I quit playing this.  Ivory is on complete freewill until she rolls something.  It has been empty for 24 hours and she’s currently sleeping while the kids are all in boarding school.

TS3 2019-02-06 08-23-59.jpg

Ivory woke up at 2:30am starving and on her way to cook, she decides she wants to read a logic book.

TS3 2019-02-06 08-26-41.jpg

After buying the book through the tablet, Ivory now wants to play chess.  I guess we better find her a spot to do that… when it’s daylight.

TS3 2019-02-06 08-37-47.jpg

After thoroughly searching the whole town, Ivory was pissed off to realize she was going to have to buy her own damn chess set and play alone.

Ivory:  I want to catch a bug.


TS3 2019-02-06 08-39-52.jpg

There, have a butterfly.

..and she’s back to 0 wishes.

TS3 2019-02-06 08-40-55.jpg

Ivory:  I want to watch the raccoon.


TS3 2019-02-06 08-42-36.jpg

Evil must recognize evil.  This is the first time I have ever seen a successful “Pet the Raccoon”.

TS3 2019-02-06 08-43-47.jpg

You’re such an old maid right now.

TS3 2019-02-06 08-45-21.jpg

There, now go kill yourself or something.

TS3 2019-02-06 08-47-33.jpg

She’s in bed for the night at 8:30, wish panel is empty.

I figured she needed a friend, so I bought her a cowplant.

TS3 2019-02-06 08-49-43.jpg

Ivory:  I will not stand for this!  I want to be her friend again!  Then I want to ignore her and meet someone new.

TS3 2019-02-06 08-51-32.jpg

You do realize that you pranked your own computer and you live alone, right?

Ivory:  It made sense at the time.

TS3 2019-02-06 08-54-23.jpg

Gracie was at work, so Ivory meets Calvin Bird-Riffin before running off to cameo in a play.

TS3 2019-02-06 08-56-33.jpg

After the play, she has to buy a handiness book to increase her handiness level.

…Gracie is still at work.

TS3 2019-02-06 08-58-02.jpg


Ivory:  I knew I’d catch that damn maid slacking off.  I need a better password.

TS3 2019-02-06 08-59-22.jpg

Ivory heads out to play with her new friend.

TS3 2019-02-06 09-01-58.jpg

Gracie is finally off of work and stalker Ivory is RIGHT THERE to say hi.

TS3 2019-02-06 09-03-37.jpg

With nothing to do, Ivory just stood there looking famous until Rene Fox took pity on her and asked for her autograph.

TS3 2019-02-06 09-07-20.jpg

Ivory is home now.  She’s angrily rocking to a logic tabcast.

TS3 2019-02-06 09-08-09.jpg

Quit looking at me like it’s my fault your a dumb boring old lady.

Ivory:  Grrr.

TS3 2019-02-06 09-13-39.jpg

Nothing says it’s Love Day like wanting to kiss someone.

TS3 2019-02-06 09-16-10.jpg

She got invited to Bertram Bedlington’s party.  Hopefully she can kiss someone there.  She also randomly wants to be mean to Booker.

TS3 2019-02-06 09-18-30.jpg

Ivory:  Thanks for inviting me to your party, you chinless wimp.

TS3 2019-02-06 09-19-43.jpg

Ivory:  and your house is stupid too!

TS3 2019-02-06 09-20-16.jpg

Ivory:  Now that all my pent up rage is gone, wanna be friends?

TS3 2019-02-06 09-21-17.jpg


TS3 2019-02-06 09-22-03.jpg

Ivory:  You haven’t seen inappropriate yet, mister.

TS3 2019-02-06 09-24-35.jpg


4 friendly interactions to friends and then a hotmk.

TS3 2019-02-06 09-25-47.jpg

It took 3 kisses.  One hotmk to kiss Bertram the first time.  Dip kiss did not work for the Kiss Someone.  She had to do a regular kiss.  This gave the WHOLE family ample time to catch on to what was happening.

Ivory:  My work here is done… as soon as I find a guitar to serenade my perfect Bertram with.

TS3 2019-02-06 09-28-41.jpg

Ivory:  Oh look, new honey, one magically appeared.

TS3 2019-02-06 09-31-07.jpg

Peter and Carrie are teens now.  They stayed in boarding school.

TS3 2019-02-06 09-32-39.jpg

After fixing their sink out of boredom, Ivory wanted to meet someone new.  This is another of Bertram’s kids.  I think they have 6 or 30.

TS3 2019-02-06 09-34-25.jpg

Gavin:  Dad!  Why?
Bertram:  She’s just so perfect.  I love her!
Gavin:  Are you on drugs?
Ivory:  It’s just chemistry, kid.
Gavin:  Dad, you’ve been roofied!
Ivory: Shut up, you little brat!  Bertram, haven’t you ever heard of boarding school?

TS3 2019-02-06 09-41-10.jpg

Ivory:  I’m so dirty.  Wanna give me sponge bath?
Gavin:  Hur hur hur…okay.

TS3 2019-02-06 09-43-17.jpg

Ivory:  You better be glad I haven’t wished to steal your dad away, you stupid little brat.

Ivory technically never wished to leave the party, she’s been there all night.

TS3 2019-02-06 09-45-30.jpg

Ivory got bored and tired, so it was definitely time to head on home.  She still needs to hunt down Booker and insult him too.

TS3 2019-02-06 09-46-57.jpg

Instead of going to bed, Ivory showered and peed.  Then she headed for the cake.

*fingers crossed*

TS3 2019-02-06 09-48-02.jpg

She was spit out and heads back to the shower.

TS3 2019-02-06 09-49-00.jpg

Oops.  She never made it to bed.  oh well.  She also wants to attend a party.  Good thing Kenji just invited her to one.

TS3 2019-02-06 09-50-26.jpg

Yesterday she wanted a seesaw and today a water slide.

TS3 2019-02-06 09-51-40.jpg

Ivory sat in the rocking chair, but what she really wanted was to nap in it.  So, she does this instead of heading up to sleep.

TS3 2019-02-06 09-54-53.jpg

Booker:  I knew you’d come crawling back to me sooner or later.

TS3 2019-02-06 09-55-00.jpg

Ivory:  Eww!  Don’t kid yourself.  I’m just here to criticize your pathetic life.  Now, I’m late for a party that a loser like you isn’t invited to.

TS3 2019-02-06 09-58-00.jpg

Don’t look at me!  I had no clue he and the skanky wife were invited.

TS3 2019-02-06 09-59-08.jpg

Bertram:  Oh, hunnybunny.  Don’t you worry.  Daddy Bertram is here to make you all happy again.

Ivory wants to watch the stars with Bertram (even though she’s starving).  Sadly, by the time they went down three flights of stairs, Ivory had to give an autograph and Bertram went home.

TS3 2019-02-06 10-02-10.jpg

We catch back up with Ivory safe at home eating a great key lime pie she baked.  She now wants to watch the stars with Bertram and master the cooking skill.

TS3 2019-02-06 10-03-53.jpg

She evil rocks while listening to a cooking tabcast.

Then gives up and heads upstairs for a nap.

TS3 2019-02-06 10-05-12.jpg

She wakes up because she can’t resist the cake, even in the pitch black of a 3 am thunderstorm.

She was spit out yet again.

TS3 2019-02-06 10-07-08.jpg

Ivory knows it’s just not going to happen.  After a shower, she heads out to feed the damn thing.

TS3 2019-02-06 10-14-32.jpg

You can’t watch the stars during the day, so Ivory reads cookbook 3 all damn day.

TS3 2019-02-06 10-15-26.jpg

You have to be kidding me.  Well, that should keep her busy.

TS3 2019-02-06 10-17-35.jpg

Followed by this.  The stove was upgraded first.  The sink is next.

TS3 2019-02-06 10-18-52.jpg

Wish panel is now full.

TS3 2019-02-06 10-24-01.jpg

Ivory was forced to upgrade until she just refused.

TS3 2019-02-06 10-26-00.jpg

She evil napped through her tabcast and mastered her handiness skill.

TS3 2019-02-06 10-26-53.jpg

It’s a good thing she was already stinky!

TS3 2019-02-06 10-27-57.jpg

Her perfect dishes may still be at 0, but she’s about 50% done with her last upgrade.

TS3 2019-02-06 10-30-14.jpg

Today she adds a trampoline to her collection of crap she doesn’t need.

TS3 2019-02-06 10-31-52.jpg

Marcus called begging to come home from boarding school.  Ivory walked off instead of finishing her veggie burger cooking.

TS3 2019-02-06 10-31-59.jpg

Ivory:  I knew I shouldn’t have upgraded to self-cleaning.  I have a maid dammit.

TS3 2019-02-06 10-33-44.jpg

Ivory:  Why are you putting it out?  Didn’t you see me standing there trying to catch on fire?

TS3 2019-02-06 10-34-35.jpg

Ivory:  I don’t want to make you fireproof, but there’s proof ^ there that I want it.

TS3 2019-02-06 10-36-26.jpg

Ivory:  God, can’t you at least do the dishes first?

…he lived and then he did the dishes.

TS3 2019-02-06 10-37-49.jpg

Ivory remakes her veggie burger and wishes for this.

TS3 2019-02-06 10-42-59.jpg

10 dishes, 0 perfect.  If this one doesn’t work, we will replace that wish with the Improve logic skill that just showed up.

TS3 2019-02-06 10-45-18.jpg

She is now listening to a logic tabcast and then heads of to learn the fishing skill after eating grilled salmon.

..and she wants to a catch a goldfish.  After maxing logic, she now wants to learn all the potions.

I think that’s enough for now.  She is very random in her wants.

She still wants to Watch the Stars with Bertram, Upgrade 10 objects (6/10) and learn all potions.

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