Door 3, Chapter 2

Welcome back to door 3, where we just sit back and see how long it takes Ivory to kill herself.

TS3 2018-12-06 21-55-52.jpg

In case you forgot, Ivory is right here.

TS3 2018-12-06 21-56-13.jpg

She married Booker Singleton, who could probably start an uglacy, but Ivory wanted his house and money.

TS3 2018-12-06 21-59-40.jpg

TS3 2018-12-06 22-00-07.jpg

Together they have a mixed twin set and she is pregnant again.

TS3 2018-12-06 22-01-17.jpg

Around here, cleaning is not something they do.  Good thing I noticed a maid running around.

TS3 2018-12-06 22-02-01.jpg

IF time instead of skilling time.  Ivory has zero interest.

I also forgot I am using reshade, so editing my pics just now was a bad idea.

TS3 2018-12-06 22-05-47.jpg

Booker is distracted from getting ready for work to potty train the two.  Each one learned on their first try and Booker wasn’t even late for work.

TS3 2018-12-06 22-08-05.jpg

Ivory ignores the kids to paint.  She wants to paint a brilliant painting and reach level 7 of her painting career.

The painting helps in in no way.

TS3 2018-12-06 22-10-34.jpg

Ivory puts the kids to bed between paintings and then we remember the tabcast, so she can learn while she paints.

TS3 2018-12-06 22-13-13.jpg

She wakes them up at 6pm to feed them and then heads off to eat herself.

TS3 2018-12-06 22-14-06.jpg

She’s about to pass out, but insists on making more food instead of lowering herself to eat leftovers.

TS3 2018-12-06 22-21-23.jpg

This painting ends up brilliant and earning her enough to make it to level 7 in her job.

TS3 2018-12-06 22-22-26.jpg

It’s the weekend and  Booker wakes up to teach the kids.  He wants them both to grow up well.  Ivory still couldn’t care less.

TS3 2018-12-06 22-25-29.jpg

In fact, Ivory doesn’t want kids anymore apparently.

That is also her first masterpiece behind her.

TS3 2018-12-06 22-25-42.jpg

It turns out that Booker had skilled the boy hard enough that he was starving, tired, and had to potty.

Booker gets up the other one to feed her.

TS3 2018-12-06 22-27-23.jpg

After getting Marcus down to sleep, Booker starts to teach the girl (I can’t recall her name) to talk.

TS3 2018-12-06 22-29-33.jpg

Booker wanted to pick her up and chat with her, so that was a nice end to skilling.

TS3 2018-12-06 22-29-42.jpg

WTF is that?  It’s super creepy.

TS3 2018-12-06 22-31-21.jpg

Just a random shot of the festival that is going on.  No one has any interest, so they stay cooped up in the house.

TS3 2018-12-06 22-32-36.jpg

Finally Ivory goes into labor.

TS3 2018-12-06 22-34-52.jpg

It did indeed seem to be an all day labor.  Ivory pops out another set of mixed twins and then pees herself.  How she missed peeing on Booker and Marcus, I’ll never know.

TS3 2018-12-06 22-36-04.jpg

Some time that same night, the babies are crying and Booker has moved away from the pee puddle.  After feeding the twins, Ivory is tasked with mopping.

My game is now open:
Marcus: Disciplined and Friendly
Amelia: Good and Easily Impressed

Other Twins:
Peter: Night Owl and Neat
Carrie: Daredevil and Athletic

TS3 2018-12-10 07-08-13.jpg

I actually left the whole house asleep last time I played.

TS3 2018-12-10 07-20-11.jpg

So, I gave the room a makeover and changed lighting.

TS3 2018-12-10 07-22-46.jpg

6 am rolls around and Booker starts the long process of waking up and feeding the kids.

TS3 2018-12-10 07-23-50.jpg

Ivory shows up for the last one, just to get in Booker’s way.

TS3 2018-12-10 07-26-35.jpg

It’s birthday time for these two and Booker.

TS3 2018-12-10 07-28-43.jpg

I just aged everyone up, it’s not like they’re gonna cry over not getting a cake.

TS3 2018-12-10 07-30-51.jpg

TS3 2018-12-10 07-32-55.jpg

TS3 2018-12-10 07-32-37.jpg

Booker and Ivory each want to get rid of a kid, so they do.

TS3 2018-12-10 07-35-04.jpg

Since I have turned off auto woohoo, they both wanted to play a game with each other.

TS3 2018-12-10 07-38-29.jpg

Here is Amelia.  She rolled Angler.

TS3 2018-12-10 07-39-45.jpg

Marcus rolled Friendly or something.

TS3 2018-12-10 07-39-58.jpg

Flirting in the corner.

TS3 2018-12-10 07-41-39.jpg

Ivory now wants to gain a logic level.

TS3 2018-12-10 07-45-09.jpg

Amelia kept showing as a toddler in the portrait panel.  I took each kid into CAS and it finally corrected itself.

TS3 2018-12-10 07-48-48.jpg

Booker has this going on.  Thankfully, Ivory does not.

TS3 2018-12-10 07-49-49.jpg

Gotta show Glint some love too!

Super dark outside though.

TS3 2018-12-10 07-51-37.jpg

And this is 10pm and everyone is asleep.

TS3 2018-12-10 07-52-14.jpg

Except Booker that is.  He had to eat and then heads up to bed.

TS3 2018-12-10 07-53-58.jpg

3:00 am.

TS3 2018-12-10 07-54-48.jpg

They both get up to feed the babies and then for some reason, they both stink.  So, off to shower afterward.

TS3 2018-12-10 07-56-16.jpg

After bathing, it’s back to bed for a couple of hours.

TS3 2018-12-10 07-57-33.jpg

Because now the babies are lonely.

TS3 2018-12-10 07-57-56.jpg

Booker heads out to check the mail and pay the bills and then runs straight off to work from there.

TS3 2018-12-10 07-58-35.jpg

Ivory is on baby duty and doing a fairly good job.

TS3 2018-12-10 08-00-03.jpg

The ride to Boarding School shows up about that time too.

TS3 2018-12-10 08-00-30.jpg

Ivory:  I’m glad they’re gone! she has a want to rock with a baby.

TS3 2018-12-10 08-01-53.jpg

It’s also birthday time.  Everyone had to go nap first though.

TS3 2018-12-10 08-04-03.jpg

She has Booker’s darker skin, but the rest is Ivory!

TS3 2018-12-10 08-02-09.jpg

Ivory starts throwing wants for potty training and teaching Peter to walk.

TS3 2018-12-10 08-05-07.jpg

At work, Booker had the option to steal money and he did, at the cost of his career.

TS3 2018-12-10 08-07-20.jpg

Not wanting to go home to face Ivory, Booker heads over to Imogen’s house.  She is more than happy to let him use her shoulder to cry on.

TS3 2018-12-10 08-12-02.jpg

One thing led to another.

TS3 2018-12-10 08-16-09.jpg

Back home, Peter can walk and potty and Ivory is getting them both ready for naps.

TS3 2018-12-10 08-16-58.jpg

Booker comes home and was feeling guilty.  He told her he lost his job.

TS3 2018-12-10 08-17-20.jpg

Booker:  I also have feelings for Imogen again.

It was an option to confess his attraction, and I was like, why not.

TS3 2018-12-10 08-17-28.jpg

Ivory:  You are a bastard.

TS3 2018-12-10 08-17-41.jpg

Ivory does things her own way.

Ivory:  I want revenge!

TS3 2018-12-10 08-17-52.jpg

So, she insults him.

TS3 2018-12-10 08-19-16.jpg

After sending Booker on his way, she can finally get Carrie to bed.

TS3 2018-12-10 08-26-30.jpg

Booker, not sure what to do next, “visits” Imogen at her work.

TS3 2018-12-10 08-28-06.jpg

Meanwhile, Ivory is teaching Carrie to walk and to potty.

TS3 2018-12-10 08-32-44.jpg

Ivory finally wants to paint again!

TS3 2018-12-10 08-36-04.jpg

Booker calls up Imogen for a date.  They head to the festival where they flirt and make a partial snowman.

TS3 2018-12-10 08-37-36.jpg

Then they work on other things after making an igloo together.

TS3 2018-12-10 08-38-35.jpg

Unfortunately, it got back to Ivory that Booker was cheating.  She heads out to break up with him, but Imogen was in the way.

TS3 2018-12-10 08-41-06.jpg

Imogen heads inside and flirts with Booker, which caught the attention of Ivory.  She is finally able to break it off.

TS3 2018-12-10 08-41-49.jpg

Ivory, wants what she wants.

TS3 2018-12-10 08-41-55.jpg

And gets what she wants.

TS3 2018-12-10 08-54-57.jpg

Booker repays her by breaking the shower.

TS3 2018-12-10 08-56-08.jpg

Peter can talk now.  It’s Carrie’s turn.

TS3 2018-12-10 08-56-38.jpg

Booker chooses to sleep out in the snow.

TS3 2018-12-10 08-58-10.jpg

Well, I lied.  Peter is now learning to talk.

TS3 2018-12-10 09-00-22.jpg

All that shit to get a baby for Booker and he got more twins.

TS3 2018-12-10 09-00-57.jpg

He also wants to get married.

TS3 2018-12-10 09-03-13.jpg

TS3 2018-12-10 09-06-22.jpg

So, now Booker and his horse move in with Imogen and their twins.

TS3 2018-12-10 09-08-59.jpg

Everyone except Ivory is upset over the divorce.  Ivory wants to chat and snuggle each kid.

TS3 2018-12-10 09-11-06.jpg

While they nap, her quest for a masterpiece continues on.

TS3 2018-12-10 09-11-44.jpg

They just don’t show up.  She does complete a challenge though.

TS3 2018-12-10 09-13-51.jpg

Ivory did finally want to repair the shower, but she was too busy to do it herself.

TS3 2018-12-10 09-19-33.jpg

Carrie gets her chat and snuggles.

TS3 2018-12-10 09-20-44.jpg

Because it’s another triple birthday time!

TS3 2018-12-10 09-21-06.jpg

TS3 2018-12-10 09-24-43.jpg

TS3 2018-12-10 09-22-36.jpg

Ivory, of course, want to send off these two also.  She starts with Peter.

TS3 2018-12-10 09-25-10.jpg

Then decides to buy a new house and then sends off Carrie.

TS3 2018-12-10 09-27-02.jpg

Barrington invites Ivory over for a party and Imogen shows up.  Imogen was being a bitch.

TS3 2018-12-10 09-27-25.jpg

Be mean to Imogen back.

TS3 2018-12-10 09-27-43.jpg

TS3 2018-12-10 09-27-48.jpg

TS3 2018-12-10 09-28-01.jpg

Then Ivory kicked her ass.

TS3 2018-12-10 09-28-49.jpg

Ivory:  Well, that party was lame.

TS3 2018-12-10 09-30-19.jpg

Apparently the kids broke the tv while she was out.

TS3 2018-12-10 09-34-00.jpg

But, she did finally get her masterpiece.

TS3 2018-12-10 09-34-14.jpg

With only one wish left, TV repair it is.

TS3 2018-12-10 09-35-21.jpg

Well, this should keep her busy for the rest of her life.

TS3 2018-12-10 09-37-10.jpg

The kids head outside to make snowmen.  They both want to make 5.

TS3 2018-12-10 09-38-28.jpg

They get interrupted to leave for boarding school.

TS3 2018-12-10 09-39-50.jpg

I have no clue wtf is going on this picture, but it is a masterpiece.

TS3 2018-12-10 09-40-03.jpg

Selling that picture gives her level 9 in her career, so Ivory decides to just go all out and top it.

TS3 2018-12-10 09-40-20.jpg

Left on her own, she plays the guitar and rolls this too.

TS3 2018-12-10 09-44-45.jpg

She buys all the compositions just in case.

TS3 2018-12-10 09-45-56.jpg TS3 2018-12-10 09-45-58.jpg

Marcus and Amelia are teens, and they just stay at boarding school.

TS3 2018-12-10 09-54-51.jpg

Then Booker calls up for this?  Seriously?

Ivory:  Fuck off, dumbass.

5 thoughts on “Door 3, Chapter 2

  1. LOL, this door is far more entertaining than the last one. Booker causing mischief instead of Ivory.

    (And is it just me, or are Ivory’s boobs huge now? I shouldn’t be checking out the sims? Oh well, too late)

    1. Omg, those things are GINORMOUS. I have no clue what happened. Maybe I was fiddling with the sliders? I don’t know, but she is damn perky and eye catching. I’m straight totally, but damn, I tend to just notice them. They almost poke you in the face.

      I am enjoying this door a lot more than I thought I would. She has 0 wishes right now and I am letting her do her own thing.

  2. Yeah, Ivory’s definitely got it going on. She makes Imogen look flat as a pancake. 😛

    Maybe Ivory just likes the kids when they’re at their cutest stage, since she wishes to send kids to boarding school as soon as they age up. 🤔

    Every time they play a game together now I’ll just assume what they really want is woohoo. 😂

    Ahhh the end is hilarious! Smh Booker.

    1. Chess as euphemism? LOL I have to agree. I wish I could have sent my kids off after the cute stage too. I’m not sure what Ivory is doing with those knockers. She’s liable to poke someone’s eyes out. Booker needed to escape, I think.

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