Door 2: Chapter 7

It has been a few months of Sims 4, but we are stopping in here to see if this breaks my sims boredom or if I will be taking an extended break from all sims versions.

TS3 2018-12-06 20-10-10.jpg

It’s been awhile since we have needed a Sim Check.

Ivory is our main person.  She is also pregnant with an unknown person’s baby…. Calliope Sim-Alvi (who the hell is that?).   Ivory is 14 days to elder.  She is a World Renowned Surgeon.

TS3 2018-12-06 19-49-26.jpg

The oldest child in the house is Almond, 6 days to YA.

Parents: Ivory and Sabine.

TS3 2018-12-06 19-50-01.jpg

Followed by Icy, 8 days to YA.

Parents: Ivory and Sabine

TS3 2018-12-06 19-50-42.jpg

Then we have Locke, also 8 days to YA.

Parents: Ivory and Vita Alto

TS3 2018-12-06 19-51-56.jpg

The last teen in the house is newly aged up Oreo.

Parents: Ivory and Candi-Ann

TS3 2018-12-06 19-51-26.jpg

Marshmallow is the youngest for now.  He will be a teen tomorrow.

Parents: Ivory and Candi-Ann.

No longer in the house is Philip.  He and Ultimecia have two kids now.

TS3 2018-12-06 20-24-30.jpg

The next morning, we find out that it’s Love Day.

TS3 2018-12-06 20-28-56.jpg

Since they all have the day off school, Marshmallow has his birthday.

TS3 2018-12-06 20-32-36.jpg

With no school and all homework done, the teens were all sent out to rake the yard.

TS3 2018-12-06 20-32-56.jpg

Reshade makes the town look amazing.

TS3 2018-12-06 20-57-13.jpg

Calliope Sim-Alvi was spotted at the SimFest.

TS3 2018-12-06 21-05-06.jpg

At nightfall, all the leaf piles are burnt and everyone is sent in to shower, pee and eat.

TS3 2018-12-06 21-06-22.jpg

Of course, that is interrupted by Ivory going into labor.

Ivory:  I hope he comes out ready for college.

TS3 2018-12-06 21-24-08.jpg

Whew, guys!  Ivory wanted a boy and she got him!  Insane Genius Persimmon.

TS3 2018-12-06 21-32-30.jpg

So, I sent the boys to bed and sent Ivory off to invent since she still wants to make a Time Machine, but hadn’t unlocked it yet.  I went to tuck my boy in to bed, seriously 10 feet away down the hall and was only gone 3 minutes.

I came back and she was dying.

TS3 2018-12-06 21-33-30.jpg

Ivory:  Get me the hell outta here!

TS3 2018-12-06 21-35-01.jpg

I wanted to see if Persimmon got his other mom’s pink hair, but nope.  He only got her eyes.

And that makes the SECOND time Ivory has escaped this challenge through death.

4 thoughts on “Door 2: Chapter 7

  1. Raking leaves is a great idea to keep the kids occupied, always too many damn trees around.

    Lol, Ivory really is out to get you – but this means you can move onto Door 3 earlier than expected.

    1. Nah, you can’t plead with death like you can in Sims 2 and 4. I think you can play chess for it? But I didn’t even think of it.

      Ivory was happy to go. She just stood up , shook his hand, and was all, let’s get out of here!

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