Door 3: Chapter 1

TS3 2018-07-05 08-32-12-26.jpg

Ivory is ready to start the third option of her life.

Door 3 requires her to become a self-employed painter.

TS3 2018-07-05 08-29-39-99.jpg

She chose a premade house in a town that completely blanked from my mind as soon as I went to write it down.  Appaloosa Plains!

It’s the same Ivory from the other renditions, but this time she is a self employed painter.

TS3 2018-07-05 08-33-47-08.jpg

Barrington:  What kind of idiot moves to town as a painter, but then only plays the guitar?
Ivory:  Back off, dumbass.

TS3 2018-07-05 08-34-23-73.jpg

Barrington:  How dare you speak to me this way!  Do you know who I am?
Ivory:  Nope, nor do I give a shit.

TS3 2018-07-05 08-35-08-12.jpg

That explains that.

TS3 2018-07-05 08-37-07-11.jpg

Barrington: I really insist that you cease this horrible racket!

TS3 2018-07-05 08-39-59-11.jpg

Knock it off, girl.  That one is married.
Ivory:  I hear the marriage is ending soon.

TS3 2018-07-05 08-41-29-66.jpg

TS3 2018-07-05 08-42-22-32.jpg

Ivory:  Yick!
At least he’s single.
Ivory:  Eww.

TS3 2018-07-05 08-50-54-98.jpg

Ivory then decides to find the junkyard and dig for scrap.

TS3 2018-07-05 08-51-59-04.jpg

Then she wanted to read a skillbook in some random skill.

TS3 2018-07-05 08-52-55-44.jpg

Then she wanted to learn writing.

TS3 2018-07-05 09-08-39-35.jpg

She wanted to play the guitar, so she heads to the local bar.

TS3 2018-07-05 09-10-23-52.jpg

Ivory heads home hungry and bored.

All the lights in her house had to be replaced for some reason.  Good thing she had a tiny bit of money left over from house hunting.

TS3 2018-07-05 09-26-52-93.jpg

The next day, Ivory heads to play the guitar at the festival.  She has no interest in painting at all.  She may end up changing to a busker at this rate.

TS3 2018-07-05 09-27-12-66.jpg

The only live beings at the festival were the local dog population.  Ivory grew bored fast.

TS3 2018-07-24 13-47-37-25.jpg

TS3 2018-07-24 13-49-59-31.jpg

Ivory spent the whole day at the park.  She got all her wishes completed.  She set off fireworks, met a celebrity, earned festival tickets, and played guitar in the park.

TS3 2018-07-24 13-53-11-94

Barrington was so into the guitar playing that he almost had an accident.

TS3 2018-07-24 13-54-22-71

I left Ivory on her own out of boredom.  All she did was join Barrington at the soccer backstop.  While she was doing that, I deleted the whole barn that was there (the bathrooms were locked inside) and used that money to buy three all-in-one bathrooms.

TS3 2018-07-24 13-59-45-77

Has Ivory found someone already?

TS3 2018-07-24 14-00-16-64

She hunted Barrington down and found him downtown.

TS3 2018-07-24 14-01-23-27

Well, now.

TS3 2018-07-24 14-04-12-83

That leads to a date and a “tour” of the theater.

TS3 2018-07-24 14-04-49-76

And an embarrassing situation.

TS3 2018-07-24 14-05-26-05

Breakfast was next on the outing.

TS3 2018-07-24 14-06-51-98

Ivory then ditches Barrington to watch wild horses.

TS3 2018-07-24 14-08-17-40

She wants to pet one, but never gets the option since they all ran away.

TS3 2018-07-24 14-21-17-46.jpg

Ivory is right on time to pay her bills.

TS3 2018-07-24 14-21-51-55.jpg

TS3 2018-07-24 14-24-31-03.jpg

But she’s also locked out of everywhere she goes.  It took forever, but the only thing that worked was closing the game all the way out and reloading.

TS3 2018-07-24 14-31-52-18.jpg

TS3 2018-07-24 14-32-33-17.jpg

She’s a whackjob, but at least she’s painting.

TS3 2018-07-24 14-34-20-35.jpg

Bad breakfast.

TS3 2018-07-24 14-36-57-34.jpg

TS3 2018-07-24 14-39-07-51.jpg

Everyone danced to Ivory’s playing, but after she moved downstairs, the dancers finally gave up the $25 Ivory wanted.

TS3 2018-07-24 14-41-51-23.jpg

TS3 2018-07-24 15-01-00-01.jpg

Ivory met Booker and his brother Rodney at a party.  She wants to befriend both of them.

It was very late and unlit where she tracked them each down.

TS3 2018-07-24 15-05-14-38.jpg

Not again, Ivory.

TS3 2018-07-24 15-08-22-82.jpg

Ivory heads over to Booker’s house to get shit done.

TS3 2018-07-24 15-09-41-50.jpg

Ivory was very impressed that Booker drove them around on their date instead of having them pay for taxis.

TS3 2018-07-24 15-10-01-34.jpg

Ivory:  If only I could get him to pay for dinner too.

TS3 2018-07-24 15-15-39-37.jpg

Barrington:  Did you get a boob job?
Ivory:  Yeah, mine were glitched and now they’re stuck like this.
Barrington:  I can’t believe you’ve been cheating on me, woman.  Do you realize what a catch I am?
Ivory:  Your car is nonexistent and your wallet cannot keep me in the style in which I want to become accustomed to.  Bye-bye.

TS3 2018-07-24 15-16-49-24.jpg

Booker:  Why were you talking to him naked?
Ivory:  He was watching us, I couldn’t actually avoid it.
Booker:  Hmm.

TS3 2018-07-24 15-17-18-50TS3 2018-07-24 15-17-19-98

WTF?!  How can you pull up two of these at the same time?

TS3 2018-07-24 15-20-39-97.jpg

After that, they had an exciting pillow fight.

TS3 2018-07-24 15-30-33-51.jpg

Back home to paint, eat and sleep.

TS3 2018-07-24 15-33-44-99.jpg

But then she wanted to send Booker a love letter, which then turned in to a date want.

TS3 2018-07-24 15-34-51-16.jpg

TS3 2018-07-24 15-36-59-73.jpg

After a fancy dinner and a concert, Ivory took Booker on a “tour” of the theater.

TS3 2018-07-24 15-39-17-80.jpg
TS3 2018-07-24 15-38-58-69.jpg

Well, well, well.

TS3 2018-07-24 15-52-12-31.jpg

Left alone while I tried to figure out what she should do next, Ivory starts playing for tips on a deserted street.

TS3 2018-07-24 15-57-08-48.jpg


TS3 2018-07-24 16-02-56-65.jpg

Ivory:  Well, I really have this urge for you to read a baby book.
Booker:  I’m not really much of a reader though.

TS3 2018-07-24 16-03-30-13.jpg

Ivory:  Well, here it is in case you change your mind.
Booker:  That’s very sweet.  I’ll try to get to it.

TS3 2018-07-24 16-07-35-49.jpg

Ivory made dinner at Booker’s house and no one got pissed off.

Rodney:  Can we keep her?
Booker:  Shut up.

Rodney is married to Gracie Loveland.  She and her cat do live in the house too.

TS3 2018-07-24 16-09-21-93.jpg

Ivory stayed over there napping and eating.  I was trying to force this wish and was very relieved when it popped up.

TS3 2018-07-24 16-15-27-15.jpg

Ivory:  Now that there’s a bun in the oven, we better make this official.
Booker:  Oh, how romantic.  Not.
Ivory:  I adore you, let’s put a ring on it.
Booker:  …

TS3 2018-07-24 16-49-42-01.jpg

Omg.  Stop!

Ivory’s favorite music is kids.  I expect multiples now.

TS3 2018-07-24 16-52-44-27.jpg

Argh, it’s too dark to see it.

Ivory:  Baby, it hurts.
Booker:  I know, we will be at the hospital soon.

BOOKER drove Ivory to the hospital while she was in labor.  I have never seen that before in all these years.  The female always drives.

TS3 2018-07-24 16-53-52-19.jpg

Ivory:  I didn’t not sign up for two!

Oh well.  In the front is Marcus and his baby sister (completing Ivory’s girl want) is Amelia.  Booker had no baby wants.

TS3 2018-07-24 16-55-37-66.jpg

Ivory:  No, Barrington.  Your  bank account is not sufficient to have me leave my new family for you.

TS3 2018-07-24 16-58-03-81.jpg

TS3 2018-07-24 16-58-56-77.jpg

I accidentally found that Booker had two romantic interests.  He heads over to each of them in his underwear to break it off.

Esme Curley died just minutes later.

Booker:  If only I had held off.  I might have gotten more of an inheritance than $5,000.


TS3 2018-07-24 17-04-31-93.jpg

Booker and Ivory going at it as usual.

TS3 2018-07-24 17-09-47-84.jpg

Gracie got pregnant after Ivory, but before (Ivory) moved in.  There was no stopping this one.

Gracie:  My water broke on my new dress.  I need to wash it.
Ivory:  I’m pretty sure there’s a more pressing issue to deal with right now.

Ivory is best friends with everyone in the house and adores her new sister-in-law.

TS3 2018-07-24 17-25-54-33.jpg

Gracie gives birth to Jamal and the next night, after much deliberation, Gracie, Rodney, the baby and their cat all moved in to this very nice house.

TS3 2018-07-24 17-40-39-92.jpg

Booker spends some much needed time with Glint.  In his underwear.

TS3 2018-07-24 17-40-54-86.jpg

Ivory:  Goddammit.

TS3 2018-07-24 17-49-08-33.jpg

Ivory:  Why do I want another kid?

I don’t freaking know.

The twins do age up and holy fuck they are ugly.  We will see them next time after I play with genetics for a few months.

4 thoughts on “Door 3: Chapter 1

    1. Ivory is a mess. Door 2 was not going well, so I moved on to three and was quite surprised at how it went.

      Leave it to Ivory to go against coding to do things herself. It was weird though.

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