Door 2: Chapter 6

I’m back from vacation and trying to play a bit with a hand injury.

Last time, Candi showed off her commitment issues by divorcing Ivory.  Almost all the kids had birthdays.

TS3 2018-07-04 18-26-05-55.jpg

A newly aged up Phillip heads over to Ultimecia’s house to see why she was still stuck as a teen.  He was shocked to see her expanding tummy.

Phillip:  We need to make this official before our parents find out.
Ulti:  You better hurry, it will be here soon.

TS3 2018-07-04 18-27-25-62.jpg

Phillip:  Let’s hope no one tries to stop us.

TS3 2018-07-04 18-28-30-63.jpg
TS3 2018-07-04 18-28-28-96.jpg

Ivory was completing her LTW while her oldest child was having his secret marriage.

TS3 2018-07-04 18-38-37-15.jpg

Almond:  So, did you hear we have a new person living in the house.
Ivory:  Say what?

TS3 2018-07-04 18-44-48-87.jpg

Phillip:  Well, mother, I got married to me high school sweetheart.
Ivory:  Why would you do that without inviting your family?
Phillip:  There was a metaphorical shotgun aimed at us.
Ivory:  You’re a moron.

TS3 2018-07-25 07-38-07-78.jpg

Ultimecia gives birth to Morticia

TS3 2018-07-25 07-39-10-05.jpg

Phillip was trying to go back to bed, but woke up again for Ulti’s birthday.

TS3 2018-07-25 07-39-45-90.jpg

I am really not happy with the Voorhees recreation.

TS3 2018-07-25 07-48-49-91.jpg

Truer words, man.

TS3 2018-07-25 07-51-31-06.jpg TS3 2018-07-25 07-51-39-32.jpg

Sabine apparently wanted to take Colin for a spin and was heard saying that it was totally worth being dumped.  The town was further shocked when Sabine moved out and abandoned her daughter, Malinda.

TS3 2018-07-25 08-17-41-62.jpg

TS3 2018-07-25 08-19-51-94.jpg

Marshmallow has his birthday.

TS3 2018-07-25 08-21-14-79.jpg

Morticia has hers.

TS3 2018-07-25 08-22-51-66.jpg

Ultimecia gets started on potty training.

TS3 2018-07-25 08-26-49-37.jpg

Then gets interrupted by her graduation.

TS3 2018-07-25 08-59-13-97.jpg

Now that everyone has graduated, Phillip starts on his second child (he wants one) and then the three of them move out.

TS3 2018-07-25 09-00-41-22.jpg

TS3 2018-07-25 09-00-52-78.jpg

I have no clue why Madison and Ivory are all over each other out of nowhere.  I sent Ivory off to a party and stayed behind with the kids.

TS3 2018-07-25 09-04-25-62.jpg

TS3 2018-07-25 09-04-44-76.jpg

I was very happy that Ivory was not the one getting busy.

TS3 2018-07-25 09-21-06-07.jpg

Exhausted kids means that they pass out at school.

TS3 2018-07-25 09-28-24-36.jpg

Ivory hit the bar and was delighted to see Colin getting accused of cheating.

TS3 2018-07-25 09-29-05-46.jpg

I guess this was his girlfriend and Colin dumped her for making a scene.

TS3 2018-07-25 09-29-55-02.jpg

Ivory then takes her turn to accuse him of cheating.  LOL

TS3 2018-07-25 09-35-04-17.jpg

Then I found Ivory flirting with some girl and they were as hot and bothered as you can get.  Ivory wanted to kiss her and woohoo her.

TS3 2018-07-25 09-37-57-05.jpg

Ivory goes and becomes “just friends” with Madison.

TS3 2018-07-25 09-54-09-99.jpg

After work, Ivory heads to the library to read a skillbook in handiness.

TS3 2018-07-25 09-58-29-76.jpg

She finally clears her wish to make a great turkey thing dish.

TS3 2018-07-25 09-59-07-91.jpg

Almond/Icy:  Are you for real?

TS3 2018-07-25 09-59-44-00.jpg

Ivory sends her (I have no clue who it is, btw) a love letter.

Moshe Hart:  Man, these people are loaded.

TS3 2018-07-25 10-05-26-10.jpg

Finally, something happens.

TS3 2018-07-25 10-06-40-65.jpg

Ivory wants to make an improved widget and a time machine, so she buys an inventing bench and gets busy on her day off.

TS3 2018-07-25 10-12-13-76.jpg

The boys do homework together.

TS3 2018-07-25 10-14-14-41.jpg

After work, Ivory was seen making eyes at Riley (I think) Passionfruit.  They somehow became romantic interests too.

TS3 2018-07-25 10-16-05-45.jpg

Not only did we forget Oreo’s birthday, but we forgot his age up pic too.

TS3 2018-07-25 10-24-17-23.jpg

Sabine and Colin get engaged, but I later witness her accusing him of cheating.  Who knows what will happen next.

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