Door 2: Chapter 5

TS3 2018-06-28 11-19-39-26.jpg

Last time, Ivory kept having boys.  Then we had a lot of birthdays.   That’s about it.

TS3 2018-06-03 12-53-21-89.jpg

We start off with an “average” monthly bonus.

Ivory: It’s only average if you name ends in Goth or Landgraab.
No shit.

TS3 2018-06-03 13-07-37-85.jpg

Remember how Ivory wants to get married?  Colin lives on the left, Candi on the right.

Ivory:  It comes down to who flirts better.

TS3 2018-06-03 13-09-19-32.jpg

First up is Colin.  She gives him flowers to start up some romance.

TS3 2018-06-03 13-09-27-82.jpg

After he swooned a bit, he started talking about the cold weather.

Ivory:  NEXT!

TS3 2018-06-03 13-10-33-68.jpg

Ivory then heads over to Candi’s and we peek in.  Holy crap, do some laundry, lady.

TS3 2018-06-03 13-11-26-32.jpg

Ivory, again, starts off with flowers to get the ball rolling.

TS3 2018-06-03 13-12-35-44.jpg

Candi takes the bait and Ivory now has her answer.

TS3 2018-06-03 13-13-16-24.jpg

TS3 2018-06-03 13-13-39-06.jpg

TS3 2018-06-03 13-14-21-48.jpg

TS3 2018-06-03 13-14-38-92.jpg

Without much fanfare, the two get all the way to married in a very short amount of time.

TS3 2018-06-03 13-25-17-00.jpg

After getting the kids moved in, settled in their rooms, and had a day to investigate their surroundings, it was time for adult birthdays.

TS3 2018-06-03 13-28-00-95.jpg

Ivory:  I don’t want to get old.

Almond and Icy are the only ones to show up to celebrate.  Also, Phillip glitched hardcore during the move and I had to do some fancy finagling.  This brought Locke home from Boarding School and all wants reset.

After that, I quit playing for a month, but if you read the Tart’s, you know I spent 20 hours fixing my sims game and now we are back to see how things run.

TS3 2018-06-28 08-28-52-10.jpg

TS3 2018-06-28 08-29-42-49.jpg

The boys settle in nicely and get homework done.

TS3 2018-06-28 08-29-21-93.jpg

Ivory reads while Almond paints.

TS3 2018-06-28 08-29-55-65.jpg

Candi is celebrating her midlife crisis by sleeping.

TS3 2018-06-28 08-30-11-39.jpg

Oreo and Marshmallow are still up in the nursery, which is on the 3rd floor.

TS3 2018-06-28 08-34-33-39.jpg

Almond is on bottle duty later that afternoon.

TS3 2018-06-28 08-35-45-37.jpg

Locke:  Omg, that’s so freaking loud!
Phillip:  Go complain to mom about it, not me.

TS3 2018-06-28 08-37-19-17.jpg

Phillip:  Mother, no!

TS3 2018-06-28 08-37-32-75.jpg

Phillip:  What is this feeling in my loins?  It’s quite amazing.

TS3 2018-06-28 08-41-03-44.jpg

Phillip:  So, my mother hit me with a love spell, and you’re my closest friend.

Phillip flirts with Ultimecia, which maxes their friendship.

TS3 2018-06-28 08-41-22-85.jpg

And propels him into a first kiss.

TS3 2018-06-28 08-46-02-40.jpg


Phillip:  My passion cannot be contained.  I must share it.

TS3 2018-06-28 09-07-19-95.jpg

Meanwhile, back home.

Candi:  You little asshole!  If you would stop following me around, I could have gone pee.  Get the hell out of here.

TS3 2018-06-28 09-09-20-20.jpg

Candi:  I never said I wanted your little bastards to move in too.  Get rid of them!

TS3 2018-06-28 09-09-58-21.jpg

Ivory:  Bitch, you knew I had kids before we agreed on the engagement.
Candi:  Now I want them gone!
Ivory:  No!

TS3 2018-06-28 09-10-32-86.jpg

Candi:  Then I don’t want you anymore.  I hate you and your stupid brats.

TS3 2018-06-28 09-17-11-04.jpg

This is probably why she wished to divorce Ivory and Move to a new house.   She garnered about 7,000 reward points for just these two wants.

TS3 2018-06-28 09-14-17-77.jpg

Ivory had to hit the moodlet manager hard in order to get back into a happier zone.

TS3 2018-06-28 09-56-38-03.jpg

Yet another day of toddlers.  Glad one of them will be aging up shortly.

TS3 2018-06-28 10-01-40-07.jpg

Boring, snowy day leads to a quadruple birthday.

TS3 2018-06-28 10-04-37-84.jpg

Unless you’re Phillip.  Then you somehow have aging disabled and couldn’t be summoned to the cake.  Makes me wonder how long he has been ready for his birthday.

TS3 2018-06-28 10-08-02-34.jpg

Icy ages up and looks exactly like Almond.

TS3 2018-06-28 10-09-07-26.jpg

Locke ages up and he is super creepy looking.

TS3 2018-06-28 10-11-01-64.jpg

Oreo is still cute.

TS3 2018-06-28 11-07-14-61.jpg

Phillip still looks like a male Ivory.

TS3 2018-06-28 11-10-44-57.jpg

Ivory heads off to work with the promise of a promotion if I’m reading her performance bar correctly.

Phillip dodges off to join the Athletic career.

I got bored playing, so we’ll stop here for now.

6 thoughts on “Door 2: Chapter 5

  1. Oh man, Ivory! Just can’t catch a break, can she? That’s another marriage biting the dust! Lol Sim wishes are possibly the most fun to follow in the Sims 3… you never know where it’ll take you. Hard to believe Ivory’s got her entire adult life left to live – lol if you get too bored maybe you should have her take on some dangerous tasks. The kids are super cute though! Hopefully your game stays stable for you!

    1. I’m thinking she should try something like that after she completes her LTW. She might just go around fixing broken electrical items. Ivory is a mess. Candi has commitment issues, which I did not notice until that pop up after the divorce. I was surprised that Ivory did not have a midlife crisis. The kids are great, but I really wish they would all disappear. I hope in Door 3, Ivory has no kids. LOL

  2. The wishes are one of the best things about TS3, and one of the worst changes for TS4. I love how many trait- and situation-specific the (TS3) wishes can get!

    Ivory really is producing some interesting looking kids this time around!

  3. That was a quick marriage! Well, at least Ivory got the house. The boys are so cute though I got to agree with you that Locke looks creepy looking.

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