Door 2: Chapter 4

TS3 2018-05-20 18-51-48-72.jpg

Welcome Back.  Enjoy this pic of the new Ivory.  I took Ivory in to CAS and replaced her with the very first edition of her (or 2nd edition, 2014).  Nothing changed, just her clothing and her skin went back to original finally.

TS3 2018-05-20 18-54-22-59.jpg

Not new:  Phillip’s crying.

TS3 2018-05-20 18-54-52-86.jpg

We also have Almond (right) and Icy.  Not twins, I think they were born a day or so apart.

TS3 2018-05-20 18-57-39-93.jpg

Ivory wanted to head out to do a conversion spell on a plantable object.  The criminal ware house has lettuce, so off she went.

TS3 2018-05-20 18-58-44-74.jpg

TS3 2018-05-20 18-59-33-08.jpg

During that time, Phillip and Almond have birthdays.

TS3 2018-05-20 19-01-16-73.jpg

Phillip is all Ivory.

TS3 2018-05-20 19-01-27-49.jpg

Almond is all Sabine, but with random brown hair.

TS3 2018-05-20 19-03-39-15.jpg

Ivory:  Burn, baby!

Ivory wanted to use an ice blast spell, so she had to set something on fire first.

TS3 2018-05-20 19-05-12-90.jpg

Almond is the first one to ever find something other than an IF in their pocket.  I think Ivory may need to check the mail or something.

TS3 2018-05-20 19-05-44-53.jpg

Phillip finally does something besides cry, he still makes an abundance of noise though.

TS3 2018-05-20 19-07-52-39.jpg

Phillip is a loner, so I usually find him hiding in the bathroom talking to his dad on the phone.

TS3 2018-05-20 19-24-10-94.jpg

Ivory spends time with Almond working on his skills.  For once, she had to teach a kid to walk before getting the “see x kid grow up well”.

TS3 2018-05-20 19-26-51-21.jpg

TS3 2018-05-20 19-27-08-27.jpg

The babysitter feeds Almond mud.

TS3 2018-05-20 19-36-06-99.jpg

Phillip needed to befriend Ultimecia for school.  I find it funny because I just did some work on their save yesterday after not looking at them for two years.

TS3 2018-05-20 19-36-19-05.jpg

Since they are both fairies, they enjoyed a frolic.

TS3 2018-05-20 19-38-57-95.jpg

Ivory finally pays the bills and grabs the mail.

TS3 2018-05-20 19-42-05-57.jpg

Don’t ask me where she is.  She’s never home anymore and her quest to have a daughter is endless.  Oh, and she still wants to get married.  Her other two spots are for Almond to age up well and I can’t remember the other one.

TS3 2018-05-20 19-45-08-76.jpg

All that work and it’s another fucking boy?  Omg.

TS3 2018-05-20 19-50-59-48.jpg

Icy has his birthday and yet again, he got random brown hair.  He’s so adorable.

*Note, I tried to give Sabine, Almond, and Icy the correct contacts, but they won’t show up*

TS3 2018-05-20 20-04-43-39.jpg

Ivory, who knows everyone in town, has to meet 4 new people.  Her charming or flirtatious greet with Iliana Langerak did not go over well with Dustin, Kaylynn, or Parker.

TS3 2018-05-20 20-05-42-48.jpg

Ivory:  I need a sperm donor, interested?
Parker:  Not for a single second.

TS3 2018-05-20 20-08-12-64.jpg

Chaos reigns supreme at home.

Ivory:  Remind me not to go home tonight.

TS3 2018-05-20 20-10-53-31.jpg

…Ivory misses yet another birthday.  Locke aged up tonight.  He does have Ivory’s hair, but he looks like Vita.

TS3 2018-05-20 20-28-29-61.jpg

Ivory needed to meet 3 more people, so I grabbed the Cookies household (from Sugar Valley) and plopped them in town.  Ivory races over and meets the family.

TS3 2018-05-20 20-33-06-29.jpg

Ivory and Candi Ann seem to be getting along.  Their date brings them back to the kids and Candi has already  held two of the three boys, kept Phillip entertained, and even made faces at herself in the mirror.  She’s apparently childish.

TS3 2018-05-20 20-46-11-16.jpg

Ivory heads to work and Candi hangs around the house with the babysitter.

TS3 2018-05-20 20-54-47-39.jpg

Poor Blueberry.  Sabine and Oster just had a little GIRL.  Bah!

Sabine:  You shouldn’t have made me move out, cheat on Ivory, or caused the divorce.
Hey, you two were doing just great on your own.  You didn’t have to confess to cheating, so you get to take partial blame.

TS3 2018-05-20 20-59-22-75.jpg

No one was doing there job, so Phillip did have to step in and take over.  I apparently have a mod, so he can even change diapers.

I swear to God, if WordPress crashes again, I’m going to be enraged.  Each pic has to be added to the post up to 4 times and then midway through a sentence, An error has occurred.  Then when I go to reload the page, it says, “that page doesn’t exist”.   I’ve freaking had it.

TS3 2018-05-20 21-02-52-88.jpg

Well, since this happened, IT BETTER BE A FREAKING GIRL.

TS3 2018-05-20 21-06-00-85.jpg

Almond’s birthday is here!

Time passing:  Ivory’s spa moodlet still has 2 days.  She spent the $7500 last chapter, so I think that was 5 days ago.  She’s and the kids are pretty boring.  Skill, sleep, prowl for sperm donors.  The kids cry, shit, and sleep.

TS3 2018-05-20 21-08-27-12.jpg

The cute continues on.  I just wish he had gotten Sabine or Ivory’s hair.

Remind me to go peek in on Malinda (Oster and Sabine’s girl).

TS3 2018-05-20 21-09-13-94.jpg

Holy crap, time is flying.

TS3 2018-05-20 21-10-02-15.jpg

He is back in the bathroom, is normal hang out.

TS3 2018-05-20 21-12-09-71.jpg

Woah, he’s super cute.  Ivory is strong in this one.  It’s like Colin didn’t contribute at all.

TS3 2018-05-20 21-15-05-62.jpg

Omg.  Bye, Almond.

TS3 2018-05-20 21-21-49-49.jpg

Finally something new.  Ivory needs to find out the gender of (I totally just blanked on the name of my own sim), it’s Riley Passionfruit’s wife.  I have never done this before and of course, she’s adding another useless boy to this world.

After checking SP, I find the genders are set to balanced.  I changed it to random.

TS3 2018-05-20 21-24-31-68.jpg

Colin was at the bar and she wanted to do Karaoke.

Tracy Wainwright heckled them the whole time.

TS3 2018-05-20 21-25-22-16.jpg

Then she pissed herself.

TS3 2018-05-20 21-25-58-29.jpg

I didn’t think these two even noticed.

TS3 2018-05-20 21-26-27-76.jpg

But I was wrong.

Tracy:  Boo!  You suck!
Colin:  At least I didn’t piss myself, moron!


WP can take their errors and shove them.  At this point, I’m so very annoyed.

TS3 2018-05-20 21-33-16-70.jpg

Attempt to insert this pic #8.  My wittiness has fled the building.


Fuck you, WP.  Saving fails turn into page not existing.

TS3 2018-05-20 21-33-43-30.jpg

So, after paying his child support, Colin needed a doctor.  He has already stated that he is not allergic to flowers.

TS3 2018-05-20 21-33-47-84.jpg

Ivory:  That’s too bad.  I’m hungry enough to eat flowers.

TS3 2018-05-20 21-34-02-42.jpg

TS3 2018-05-20 21-35-24-21.jpg

It turns out to just be a panic attack and she forks over a very costly experimental drug.

Colin:  It’s not going to kill me, is it?
Ivory:  Of course not!  I need you to keep making support payments.

TS3 2018-05-20 21-40-56-28.jpg

Ivory has to order a drink at a completely different bar.  Dude here refused to serve Ivory, so she cast a fire spell on him.  He finally went back to work and Ivory got her booze.

TS3 2018-05-20 21-41-43-66.jpg

Everyone is finally able to get drinks again.

Ivory:  You’re all welcome.  Call me again if he slacks off.

At some point in the next few days, Ivory will get a random wish for the mohawk guy.  I don’t know if I locked it in or not.  He’s kind of cute.  He’s a new immigrant named Randall something or other.

TS3 2018-05-20 21-44-05-15.jpg

Ivory gets home from the bar and grabs whatever that crap is and then goes in to labor.

TS3 2018-05-20 21-44-32-58.jpg

Almond:  Hey thanks mom!
Ivory:  That’s mine, kid.
Almond:  Not anymore!

TS3 2018-05-20 21-46-19-42.jpg

Icy is kind of creepy up close.  This is actually to show that Phillip gave Icy his IF.

TS3 2018-05-20 21-46-40-39.jpg


I’m sure he has a name.  I just don’t care to remember it right now.

TS3 2018-05-20 21-50-43-07.jpg

Candi came home with Ivory and the unwanted boy.  She then drags Ivory straight back to bed.

Ivory:  I hope this is straight woohoo.

TS3 2018-05-20 21-52-41-65.jpg

Oh, please, two days ago you couldn’t wait to get rid of Almond.
Ivory:  I changed my mind! <sob>

TS3 2018-05-20 21-59-43-39.jpg

Ivory:  I really need to find a boyfriend/husband.
Colin:  You do realize that I’m married to Bebe now, right?
Ivory:  Is there a point to telling me that?

TS3 2018-05-20 22-01-17-22.jpg

Ivory:  I’m so sorry that you caught us flirting.
Ivory:  Okay, no I’m not.

TS3 2018-05-20 22-02-07-27.jpg

Ivory:  My work here is done.  I’m off to work.  Oh, and your tv’s broke.

TS3 2018-05-21 07-03-05-86.jpg

Home from work after another promotion, it was feeding time at the zoo.

TS3 2018-05-21 07-03-12-05.jpg

Oh, and we can’t forget Oreo, the newest boy.

TS3 2018-05-21 07-04-35-81.jpg

Pancakes are being made.

TS3 2018-05-21 07-04-53-05.jpg

These two never do anything else.

TS3 2018-05-21 07-11-26-28.jpg

Family-ish breakfast.

TS3 2018-05-21 07-12-46-40.jpg

Ivory:  Dammit, this better be a goddamn girl.

<Spoiler alert>  It’s not.   I only say this because I reset the town after a bit of lag and it got rid of her want for a girl.  She now only wants to invent and get married.

TS3 2018-05-21 07-13-37-81.jpg

The boys are growing up today and this prompts Phillip into wanting to snuggle them both.  He also wants to learn athletics, take an athletic class, and get a job.

TS3 2018-05-21 07-16-12-79.jpg

Ivory invents.

TS3 2018-05-21 07-18-33-85.jpg

Snuggles for all.

TS3 2018-05-21 07-22-33-01.jpg

Gathering scrap.

TS3 2018-05-21 07-28-36-73.jpg

Icy is a cutie.  He seems to be a carbon copy of Almond though.

TS3 2018-05-21 07-30-19-84.jpg

Locke has all of Ivory’s coloring and looks like Vita.   Ivory immediately sends Locke off to boarding school.

Ivory:  Almond shouldn’t have to be alone at the artsy fartsy place.

TS3 2018-05-21 07-36-32-17.jpg

Now that the boys are child sized, it’s time for Oreo to have a birthday.

TS3 2018-05-21 07-42-17-48.jpg

Aww, he’s a cutie too.  He has Candi’s side of the family in coloring, except for Ivory’s hair.

TS3 2018-05-21 07-50-42-33.jpg

As per her usual, she wishes for the first skill, talking in this case, and when it’s done, she wants him to age up well.

TS3 2018-05-21 07-53-01-12.jpg

Phillip, the resident neat freak, wanted a dishwasher.

TS3 2018-05-21 07-53-13-37.jpg

And an exercise machine.

TS3 2018-05-21 07-55-57-59.jpg

I think our babysitter died.  The replacement is a moron.

TS3 2018-05-21 08-04-25-48.jpg

Icy and Phillip are really good about completing their homework.  They just can’t seem to make it on the honor roll though.

TS3 2018-05-21 08-10-29-29.jpg

Still inventing, in case you were wondering what she was up to.  She wants an inventing level and to make 5 toys.

TS3 2018-05-21 08-15-18-65.jpg

Saving up her reward points finally pays off and she is now the proud owner of the moodlet manager.

TS3 2018-05-21 08-17-07-44.jpg

Ivory goes into labor and heads to the hospital.  Phillip, after his initial panic, takes over the inventing bench so he can learn the skill.  Then he wants to clean, do laundry and shower.

TS3 2018-05-21 08-18-28-37.jpg

I can’t remember his name.  Does it even matter anymore?

TS3 2018-05-21 08-24-34-90.jpg

Candi Ann did not show up at the hospital.  Tracking her down finds that she lives in this huge ass house.  Ivory just might marry her for that house.

TS3 2018-05-21 08-55-13-14.jpg

TS3 2018-05-21 08-57-31-10.jpg

A work opportunity took her to Ethan’s house, then Mortimer’s house.

TS3 2018-05-21 08-58-17-07.jpg

Then she wanted to give Mortimer a gift, she chose a book about Woohoo in the Wastelands.

TS3 2018-05-21 09-03-07-72.jpg

The opportunity ends at the criminal warehouse, but then an emergency at work happened.

TS3 2018-05-21 09-03-41-43.jpg

That shot her performance bar from the bottom quarter to filled.

TS3 2018-05-21 09-11-52-04.jpg

In celebration, the youngest has a birthday.  He’s all Candi except for Ivory’s eyes.

TS3 2018-05-21 09-15-15-46.jpg

And she’s back at it again.

TS3 2018-05-21 09-16-44-44.jpg

Teaching him to walk (then age up well).

The child sized kids continue to be boring.  I’m pretty sure Locke is off to boarding school, but we never saw him go.

TS3 2018-05-21 09-30-44-43.jpg

Sadly, Locke got there just in time for Almond’s graduation to high school.

TS3 2018-05-21 09-35-06-12.jpg

And the handsome young man has decided enough was enough and came home.

Next time, Ivory will have a birthday and so will a lot of kids, I bet.  See you next week!

5 thoughts on “Door 2: Chapter 4

  1. Lol, “balanced?” Apparently it’s Ivory’s boys vs the rest of the town! XD Also something to note is after you see a doctor and they give you the gender results, it’s locked in for the *first* gender, but if you have multiples it doesn’t control the rest of the genders… so… if you were to find out it’s a boy, pump her full of watermelons and watch kids TV the first child would be a boy, but the second/third may be girls.
    That’s only if you’re using the fruit trick though! Either way the logic of two women giving birth to a child with an x and y chromosome will forever amuse me! Good luck Ivory!

    1. Haha. That’s good to know. I need to do more with sims instead of just breed.
      I think she glitched or something because her want for a girl is gone. I don’t think it was the town reset. I’m not even going to pretend not to be happy about that. I don’t think I did an fruit influencing. Too long doing the Baby Boomer challenge where it wasn’t allowed. LOL I sure has hell didn’t want multiples either. I made sure there was no kids music playing anywhere.

  2. So much happened in this update. All the kids are adorable and it sucks that you couldn’t get a girl though. Hmm…I’ll have to remember boarding school for my sliding door challenge.

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