Door 2: Chapter 3


Welcome back!  Last time, Ivory failed at being a doctor and ended up pushing pills.  Then she ended up knocked up and it wasn’t until after the baby was born that we found out who the second parent was.  Then my mouse wheel broke and I never came back.  I’ve now had my new mouse for months and still never came back.

TS3 2018-03-29 22-23-59-79.jpg

I have no clue where we left off, so let’s watch Ivory paint.

TS3 2018-03-29 22-32-11-18.jpg

The babysitter eats four plates of pancakes before I turned the fridge around.

TS3 2018-03-29 22-33-00-58.jpg

She then cleaned up all of her dishes and played chess, standing up every 5 minutes to throw a fit because she couldn’t get to the fridge.

TS3 2018-03-29 22-34-24-84.jpg

At least Ivory got a promotion.

TS3 2018-03-29 22-36-36-04.jpg

She reads about her own birth announcement in today’s paper.  Nothing else has happened though.

TS3 2018-03-29 22-38-12-44.jpg

After the birth of Phillip, Ivory wanted to get married.

Ivory:  You sure do have a nice house, Sabine.

TS3 2018-03-29 22-38-55-90.jpg

TS3 2018-03-29 22-39-14-84.jpg

TS3 2018-03-29 22-39-48-33.jpg

TS3 2018-03-29 22-42-15-91.jpg

After Ivory made her choice, Sabine is all in the mood for sexy times.  Then no one was selectable and I had to save and quit.

A couple of months later…

TS3 2018-05-20 12-23-30-92.jpg

Finally back to playing this save.  Phillip immediately has his birthday and he just might have a good mix of both Ivory and Colin.

TS3 2018-05-20 12-23-58-66.jpg

Sabine:  WooHOO!  Hurry up!

TS3 2018-05-20 12-25-16-75.jpg

Ivory:  Food first.

TS3 2018-05-20 12-26-00-90.jpg

Ivory:  Dammit, I’m starving!

TS3 2018-05-20 12-28-10-34.jpg

Sabine:  See, told you dinner would be more awesome after sex.
Ivory: I’m just glad I didn’t die.

TS3 2018-05-20 12-31-43-50.jpg

Ivory wants Phillip to age up well, which is wonderful when you can’t tell some to skill a toddler.

TS3 2018-05-20 12-38-18-15.jpg

Sabine wanted a job in education.  Then she found out Yumi Sekemoto was her boss.  She wanted to befriend her and pillow fight her.  Then text her.  Then she wanted a celebrity star.  Yumi and Sabine in a photobooth got her that star.

TS3 2018-05-20 12-44-41-69.jpg

Yumi just happened to be down at the club, so of course Sabine wanted to drink.

TS3 2018-05-20 12-45-40-52.jpg

Sabine used points to switch out her green thumb trait for irresistible.  Now everyone wants to be her friend.

TS3 2018-05-20 12-49-17-00.jpg

Sabine:  Ugh, I think I drank too much.
Yeah, I don’t think that’s your problem, girl.

TS3 2018-05-20 12-51-06-29.jpg

A quick check back at home finds Phillip starving.

TS3 2018-05-20 12-51-21-32.jpg

The reason is because someone went to bed without feeding him.

TS3 2018-05-20 12-52-54-36.jpg

He went and woke up Ivory, who yelled at him for waking her up and then she fed him.  Now he’s off to sleep.

TS3 2018-05-20 12-55-59-66.jpg

It’s leisure day.

Sabine:  Phillip has Ivory’s hair, but nothing of me.  Why is this?
Sabine hasn’t caught on to the fact that Colin is the other parent yet.

TS3 2018-05-20 13-00-24-69.jpg

Ivory:  Sabine, your spaghetti is almost ready!

TS3 2018-05-20 13-01-28-69.jpg

Ivory wants cheesesteak instead, so she had to buy a recipe book for it.

TS3 2018-05-20 13-02-18-63.jpg

Sabine: This spaghetti is amazing, but now I want cheesesteak too!

TS3 2018-05-20 14-54-06-57.jpg

Ivory wanting to reach cooking level 8, has to buy a skill book to read.

TS3 2018-05-20 14-54-54-92.jpg

This leads to wanting a fridge that cost $1,000.

TS3 2018-05-20 14-55-44-37.jpg


TS3 2018-05-20 14-56-55-79.jpg

Ivory:  Oooh, I’m married!

TS3 2018-05-20 14-59-04-86.jpg

Phillip is a constant crier.  He has also never touched his toys.

TS3 2018-05-20 15-01-19-78.jpg

Let’s add in the fact that Sabine refuses to help out with him at all.  In fact, the only time they are in the same room is when she is heading to or from that stupid mirror.

Sabine:  Your kid is crying again.

TS3 2018-05-20 15-02-33-66.jpg

Ivory:  The least you could do is help out around here.
Sabine:  <confesses to cheating>
Goddammit.  NO!
Ivory:  <enraged>

TS3 2018-05-20 15-04-53-28.jpg

Sabine:  You need to take care of that kid of yours.  I can’t be expected to help out.  He’s not mine.
Colin:  Well, aren’t you a wonderful step-mom.

TS3 2018-05-20 15-06-48-53.jpg

Sabine wants to learn Oster’s sign.  She was trying to woohoo Ivory, who wanted nothing to do with it, but it still kicked Oster out of his bed.  So, she learned his sign and they are compatible.

TS3 2018-05-20 15-09-24-59.jpg

Flirting was on the horizon, so I made sure Ivory was there.

TS3 2018-05-20 15-09-33-36.jpg

TS3 2018-05-20 15-09-57-73.jpg

I thought she would just get a little upset, but nope.

TS3 2018-05-20 15-14-49-97.jpg

Sabine wasn’t the only one in trouble, mind you.

In reality, I had changed the time between woohoos because that’s all Ivory and Sabine wanted to do.  After the time was altered and they had extra time on their hands, all they did was argue.  It was to the point that the wishes were to be mean to each other.  So, I had to creatively use their wishes to break them up.

TS3 2018-05-20 15-15-20-74.jpg

Oster is really into Sabine and he spent the whole party hypnotizing her.

TS3 2018-05-20 15-17-07-09.jpg

TS3 2018-05-20 15-18-08-87.jpg

Sabine was cooking when her carpool showed up.  That’s how big the fire got waiting for the fireman to show up.  It took forever.

TS3 2018-05-20 15-20-03-00.jpg


TS3 2018-05-20 15-24-29-28.jpg

Sabine comes home from work and restores her brain power while Phillip screams in the room behind her.  She completely ignores him.

TS3 2018-05-20 15-28-39-14.jpg

Ivory wants to do this, pillow fight with Riley and pillow fight with Vita.

TS3 2018-05-20 15-31-21-24.jpg

She heads over to Riley’s house first.

TS3 2018-05-20 15-32-38-55.jpg

Then over to Vita’s.  Yes, Phillip is still at home crying for food.  Also, Ivory and Vita have compatible signs.  There was a quickie and then Ivory races home to feed Phillip.

TS3 2018-05-20 15-38-52-11.jpg

The next day, I caught Sabine red-handed!  This is the first time she has ever interacted with him.

TS3 2018-05-20 15-41-37-74.jpg

Sabine wants to go on a date with Oster, kiss Oster, and watch the stars with him.  Too bad she invited him over at 10 am.

TS3 2018-05-20 15-45-45-69.jpg

In order for them to kiss, she had to convince him to dump his wife.  He agreed.

TS3 2018-05-20 15-47-18-47.jpg

Now that Sabine has held Phillip once, she never wants to put him down.  In fact, when she wanted a massage, she took him too.  Ivory was heading in for her own massage at the time.

TS3 2018-05-20 15-47-42-11.jpg

Sabine pays, $3,500 and then pops back out to go into labor.  Over course, Phillip has to cry for food as usual.

TS3 2018-05-20 15-53-53-84.jpg

They have a boy named Gilbert.  He had Artistic locked in and rolled Cant’ Stand Art.  I took the liberty of rolling again.  He got Genius.

TS3 2018-05-20 15-54-21-36.jpg

My woman is home!

TS3 2018-05-20 15-54-33-60.jpg

Sabine:  Dude, I just gave birth.

TS3 2018-05-20 15-56-06-07.jpg

Sabine:  And I’m starving!
Oster:  I’ll be quick!

TS3 2018-05-20 15-57-54-06.jpg

After that, it was late enough to watch the stars.

TS3 2018-05-20 16-00-16-98.jpg

Oster:  You going to take care of him?
Sabine:  Nah, he’s not my kid.

TS3 2018-05-20 16-01-30-13.jpg

Wtf?  No way!

TS3 2018-05-20 16-03-16-03.jpg

Ivory was already out and about, so she heads over to Yumi’s house and collects Sabine’s son.

TS3 2018-05-20 16-06-33-34.jpg

Sabine knew it was time to get married.

TS3 2018-05-20 16-08-20-26.jpg

After the engagement, Oster went to bed and Sabine wanted to move in with him.

TS3 2018-05-20 16-09-30-45.jpg

The next morning, they tied the not.  The new family of three moved in to his house with his ex-wife.

TS3 2018-05-20 16-11-37-09.jpg

Then Ivory goes into labor.

TS3 2018-05-20 16-13-47-56.jpg

She heads off to the hospital and the babysitter makes sure to take good care of baby Almond.

TS3 2018-05-20 16-15-08-85.jpg

Icy is home, yet another boy and Ivory (and Sabine) had wants for a boy (Almond) and a girl.  Now Ivory wants to get married.

I guess next time, we’ll see how that goes.

6 thoughts on “Door 2: Chapter 3

    1. How do they not conflict? I need to go in game and check that out. I think my game may be going stupid.

      I love Sabine. I hope Ivory wants her back soon. She is the sweetest person ever, Ivory is just such a bitch.

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