Dumpster Diver: Update Two

TS3 2017-12-08 14-29-12-94.jpg

TS3 2017-12-08 09-51-12-02.jpg

The mail delivered Xander’s gems and metals today.

TS3 2017-12-08 09-53-32-25.jpg

He chatted with Victoria Andrews for a little while.

TS3 2017-12-08 09-58-45-90.jpg

The diner dumpsters were decent today, but more importantly, someone made hotdogs and he got a free lunch.

TS3 2017-12-08 10-04-54-99.jpg

It was a very good day indeed.  He got his first exercise machine, which he decided to keep.

TS3 2017-12-08 10-07-00-69.jpg

He got a couple of athletic points the next day while trying to figure out what to do with all the other junk he got.

TS3 2017-12-08 10-10-38-58.jpg

He ended up selling a lot of it and enclosed the house and put a roof on it.

TS3 2017-12-08 10-13-16-75.jpg

He even remembered to take his bug collection in to sell.

TS3 2017-12-08 10-15-02-41.jpg

He took two days off in which to chat and read a cooking book.  It was a slow day after that.  He got a chair, a table, an alarm clock and another loveseat.

TS3 2017-12-08 10-16-46-71.jpg

He hit the three dumpsters at the criminal warehouse on Tuesday.

TS3 2017-12-08 10-20-40-72.jpg

He got a dryer, a chair, a bench, three dishwashers, two lamps, a rug, another trashcan and two tables.  He kept the dryer since that was something he had wanted all week.

TS3 2017-12-08 15-38-20-06.jpg

Major renovations today.  I will not count them for scoring until they have walls and flooring, but he now has a bedroom, a bathroom, a reading room, a kitchen/dining room, and an exercise hallway (for now).  He sold an exercise machine and some random junk to buy a real toilet and a sink.

TS3 2017-12-08 15-45-46-38.jpg

He sent of gems and metals and he is now paying $140 in bills.

TS3 2017-12-08 15-46-40-89.jpg

It was a very long, stressful day for Xander.

TS3 2017-12-08 15-49-27-83.jpg

Xander took Friday off to do some exercising (no skill point), read a logic book he found in his bookcase, and chat with Tamara Donner.

TS3 2017-12-08 15-57-35-71.jpg

Xander always knew that Agnes was his kind of girl.  Too bad he later found out that she was sleeping with her sister’s husband.  Of course, later that night, he found out that Cornelia had died.   They sure don’t waste any time in this town.

TS3 2017-12-08 16-08-03-52.jpg

I feel bad, but my screenshot program shut itself off and this is the last pic I have before Xander’s birthday.

TS3 2017-12-12 07-06-05-18.jpg

I loaded up the game to find Xander spending his last day at the criminal warehouse.  He has $993 in cash.

TS3 2017-12-12 07-07-19-46.jpg

TS3 2017-12-12 07-07-28-16.jpg

The house is pretty much done, although most of the top floor is empty.

TS3 2017-12-12 07-09-07-05.jpg

There are three complete rooms upstairs.

TS3 2017-12-12 07-09-54-22.jpg

There are eight rooms downstairs.

TS3 2017-12-12 07-16-47-58.jpg

When he called it quits on that last day, this is what he had.  I’m pretty sure this is at least three days of stuff.

The only new stuff is a trash compactor, the high end stereo and the more expensive dishwasher.

TS3 2017-12-12 07-25-48-75.jpg

Xander sold off his bugs, filled up the house, and sent all his gems off to get cut before his birthday.


Points for 6+ tile rooms: 15
Net Worth: 48
Furniture placed beyond the basics: 104
Basic Items dug up: 44
Skill Points: 13

Total Score: 224

Items bought: Fridge, toilet, shower, sink, washer, laundry basket double bed and 3 counters.

What an interesting challenge.  Makes me want to try a homeless challenge or klepto one now.

3 thoughts on “Dumpster Diver: Update Two

    1. I didn’t think any of the second floor would get stuff in it. I called the room complete if it had a place to sit, a decor item, a light and one other object of any kind. It was actually fun and Xander now has 4 kids with Agnes Crumplebottom. Three teens, and a toddler, I think. I went back to play Skyrim SE, so I can’t quite recall. It will be posted up as a regular legacy-ish at some point.

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