Dumpster Diver: Update One

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Buster had worked hard all his life to provide for his wife and son.  It was with a heavy heart that he finally had to put his foot down.

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Buster:  We have told you again and again to get a job and keep it.  We are too old to keep supporting your lazy ass.  You need to get a haircut and get away from your criminal ways.

TS3 2017-12-07 19-49-38-98.jpg

Xander:  Oh c’mon dad.  It’s not really that bad, is it?  I make a decent living.  It helps pay off my facelift bills and hair extensions.

Buster:  Just get out, son.  We’re through with you.

TS3 2017-12-08 07-15-07-83.jpg

…And that is how Xander found himself living at the beach with $0 to his name.

TS3 2017-12-08 07-24-21-87.jpg

With the newest work done on his face, Xander felt sure he was safe from the Alto family and the criminal work he was doing for them.  He was worried though because they did live in a very small town.

TS3 2017-12-08 07-28-47-44.jpg

The first thing Xander did was to head to his old job to see if they had a paycheck for him.  He totally forgot he was supposed to be in hiding.  Good thing no one was there during the day.

He ran around to the dumpsters to see if there was anything to salvage.

TS3 2017-12-08 07-31-24-25.jpg

He only found a small piece of iron and a butterfly in the first dumpster.

Then he found cockroach and a piece of quarts in the second.

TS3 2017-12-08 07-34-32-41.jpg

All day he toiled in the garbage.  It grew later and later, darker and darker.  He suddenly realized people would be heading in to work and he didn’t want to be seen.  He realized then just how tired, starving and smelly he was.

TS3 2017-12-08 07-36-56-21.jpg

After stopping to puke along the way, Xander made his way to the firehouse where they had an open policy for anyone in the neighborhood who needed help.

TS3 2017-12-08 07-38-33-81.jpg

After getting a quick shower, Xander grabbed a bowl of cereal, but soon had to puke again.  His options were limited.  Head home and see what all he found that day or go back upstairs and grab a cot for the night.

TS3 2017-12-08 07-41-07-78.jpg

The debate with himself didn’t last long.  He chose to sleep upstairs.

TS3 2017-12-08 07-42-52-49.jpg

The cereal didn’t make for a lasting meal and he woke up at around 11 starving again.  He had some weird ice cream dish before heading home.

TS3 2017-12-08 07-49-16-27.jpg

Xander couldn’t believe what all he had collected.  He had a bed, a chair, a trashcan, a couch, a bench, some pens, two lamps, two rugs, and two tables, along with some towels, a window covering, four bugs, 3 metals, and a computer he had nowhere to put.

TS3 2017-12-08 07-53-31-44.jpg

Zander sold the towel, the window covering and the bench and bought a cheap desk for his computer.  He only had $45 cash, but it was a lot more than he had the day before.  He was almost excited to check out the dumpsters around town today.

Of the required items for his “Dream Home”, Xander has the bed, table, chair, and entertainment item.  All from Day 1.

He heads off to the Science facility to sell his Monarch butterfly, ladybug, cockroach, and Red Admiral butterfly.  He also has two iron and a quartz to get rid of too.  This gave him a total of $148.

TS3 2017-12-08 08-02-23-61.jpg

He may not be able to eat at the diner, but maybe he can find something from their dumpster.

Xander:  I sure hope I can find a washer today, my clothes stink.

Jack:  What the hell are you doing, Xan?

Xander:  Just trying to survive, man.

TS3 2017-12-08 08-08-59-15.jpg

Xander stayed at the diner dumpster diving until 11pm.  He almost missed the daily cut off to get his stuff checked.  Today he found a desk, two dishwashers, a lamp, a standing light, two side tables, some utensils, a rug, some bugs, a bloodstone, a tanzanite, a small piece of gold,  a ladybug, a cockroach, a Japanese beetle, and two moths.  He chose to sell everything except one of the dishwashers.  He had $1,130 and still hadn’t sold his inventory items (bugs, metal, gems).

TS3 2017-12-08 08-15-18-97.jpg

Xander thought he should have bought a shower and a toilet, but he was too hungry.  He chose to buy a stove, a fridge, and a counter for his dishwasher instead.  After selling his gems, he was back up to $300, but it was not enough for a shower and he didn’t want to spend money on walls until he was ready to start his actual building.

TS3 2017-12-08 08-18-51-01.jpg

Xander made a salad from his new fridge on his new counter.

TS3 2017-12-08 08-19-10-30.jpg

He ate it on his own couch and washed it in his new dishwasher.

TS3 2017-12-08 08-20-16-56.jpg

Then he went to bed in his new bed and dreamt about how wonderful his house was going to be.

TS3 2017-12-08 08-23-37-19.jpg

When he finally woke up, he chose to go to the firehouse to shower and use the bathroom before checking out the next dumpster in town.

TS3 2017-12-08 08-25-50-38.jpg

Afterwards, he called up his mom to chat since his social was hitting the red.

TS3 2017-12-08 08-41-21-06.jpg

Xander spent the day at the dumpster by the theater.  He didn’t like it there because everyone tried to distract him so they could try and take over the area.

TS3 2017-12-08 08-42-53-87.jpg

Starvation hit early tonight.  He was home making another salad by 7pm.

TS3 2017-12-08 08-44-02-64.jpg

It was a pretty good day anyway.  Only one bug today, a cockroach.  He got a bbq, a tv, a new bed, two chairs, some pottery, a table, a rug and a lamp.

TS3 2017-12-08 08-50-02-59.jpg

Xander kept the most expensive chair and sold his old lawn chair.  He sold the cheapest rug and the old bed since the new one was worth more.

He ends the day at $1,226 and still had bugs to sell.

TS3 2017-12-08 08-57-21-76.jpg

Xander’s very first skill point is in cooking.

TS3 2017-12-08 08-58-45-62.jpg

He still doesn’t have a toilet, but at least he can shower away the stink.

TS3 2017-12-08 09-03-24-88.jpg

Today was spent behind the grocery store.  Xander found out that Judy Bunch was a vampire and she almost caught on fire and died.  It was very funny.

TS3 2017-12-08 09-11-15-91.jpg

He got two more lamps, two more chairs, another table, another tv, another trashcan, two metals, a dresser, a living chair, and a boombox on top of 10 bugs.

TS3 2017-12-08 09-22-33-28.jpg

Xander heads back to the criminal warehouse on Thursday.  He ignores his phone in favor of gathering more junk.

TS3 2017-12-08 09-25-46-68.jpg

He set out all his new stuff, but was too tired to go through it.  He pays his $49 bills and heads to bed.

TS3 2017-12-08 09-27-51-83.jpg

Xander was quite happy to see a new stove.  He also had a bunch of useless décor stuff.  His 3rd tv was a nice find along with a new couch and a bookcase.  He even has a dining table now!

TS3 2017-12-08 09-32-21-44.jpg

Today, Xander chatted with his dad trying to repair that relationship.  He told him how he was going to start building his house today and get on a night schedule like he should have been doing at the start.  Isn’t that how a night owl should live?

TS3 2017-12-08 09-40-43-65.jpg

He got the foundation and the stairs started.

TS3 2017-12-08 09-40-59-47.jpg

The whole left side is open since he ran out of money, but he did buy himself a urinal.  Peeing himself every morning was just not a great way to start the day.

The basics he has so far:  Bed, stove, fridge, counter, table, chair, bookcase, toilet, shower, computer/tv for entertainment.  The only thing missing is a sink and a fully enclosed home.

That’s it for week one!

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