Door 2: Chapter 2

TS3 2017-11-06 15-46-58-14.jpg

Welcome back!  Sorry for the delay.  I had to hunt down my game issue which turned out to be all my mod settings.  I started a Mermaid Sun Challenge.  That is fast and fun and with no commentary, it was easy to undo and redo mods while playing instead of writing crap.

Also, I have new lighting and stars mod.  That’s really neat and I find myself doing some scenery pics once in a while.

TS3 2017-11-02 12-54-15-61 TS3 2017-11-02 12-54-20-27TS3 2017-11-02 12-54-33-27

Well, at least SP is working again.

TS3 2017-11-04 12-15-32-10.jpg

Ivory:  Get rid of them both!  Now!

TS3 2017-11-04 12-13-33-25.jpg

Paparazzi who goes on to star in my MSC.

She’s being tortured for you.

Ivory:  Good!

TS3 2017-11-04 12-15-44-47.jpg

Shit, what setting is that one again?  I can’t remember how to get rid of it.  Sigh.

…the car must belong to the paparazzi.  There’s no way in hell Ivory could afford it or that she would even be seen in such an ugly car.

TS3 2017-11-06 16-03-04-93.jpg

Ivory is currently at the library trying to impress Oster Taffeta.  He and his wife were the founders of my Sims 3 Drifter Challenge.

TS3 2017-11-06 16-03-20-65.jpg

Please note that while Ivory is currently really getting on with Oster, Madison VanWatson walks by.  I have spent 3 days replacing every SV townie with my own copy, which I made years ago.  I have tweaked them a bit, changed their traits, their LTW’s and used MC to have them all quit their jobs.

TS3 2017-11-06 16-09-58-01.jpg

Madison:  You’re so hot.

Ivory: I know.  You’re not so bad yourself.

Tori:  Gag

TS3 2017-11-06 16-11-25-38.jpg

Tori:  You are a Diva!

TS3 2017-11-06 16-12-13-16.jpg

Ivory:  I’d be careful where you point that finger.  I’ll rip it off and shove it up your nose.

TS3 2017-11-06 16-15-52-28.jpg

Ivory was removed forcibly from the library and sent to the park to play chess.

TS3 2017-11-06 16-18-03-95.jpg

Jenn:  Found you!

Ivory:  I’m at the park playing chess, not hide and seek.  Go away.

TS3 2017-11-06 16-19-52-27.jpg

Jenn:  Just let me jot down this newsworthy moment first.

TS3 2017-11-06 17-10-17-00.jpg

Ivory:  Hey, I just want to meet a celebrity.  Hi!

TS3 2017-11-06 17-15-23-44.jpg

Tamara:  Oh how I wish there was a level 2 doctor drinking her life away at The Grind.

TS3 2017-11-06 17-15-56-22.jpg

Tamara:  I have a tummyache.

TS3 2017-11-06 17-16-06-38.jpg

Tamara:  Are you a qualified doctor?

Ivory:  Yes, I’m sufficiently drunk in public while being pregnant.

TS3 2017-11-06 17-16-11-56.jpg

Tamara:  I foresee us being great friends!

TS3 2017-11-06 17-16-51-38.jpg

Ivory:  Can you please make sure to get sick in a well lit area next time?  I can barely see the readings on my doodad.

TS3 2017-11-06 17-17-04-40.jpg

Tamara:  That’s not my tummy!

Ivory:  Whoopsie.

TS3 2017-11-06 17-17-18-14.jpg

Ivory:  Aha!  You have worms!

TS3 2017-11-06 17-17-34-92.jpg

Tamara:  WHAT!?!

Ivory:  Just kidding.  I take it you had spaghetti for dinner?

TS3 2017-11-06 17-18-11-85.jpg

Tamara:  *hushedwhisper*  Is it legal to buy drugs off of you at a bar?

Ivory:  Of course.  I’m a doctor, ain’t I?

TS3 2017-11-06 17-18-17-15.jpg

Tamara:  I don’t think this is appropriate.

Ivory:  Do you want to feel better or not?

TS3 2017-11-06 17-18-30-29.jpg

Tamara:  Holy shit.  I feel like a million bucks.  I’m so turned on by you right now.

Ivory:  Shit, I thought that was a Pepto pill, not my secret ecstasy stash.

TS3 2017-11-06 17-18-45-67.jpg

Agnes:  Great.  Now our town is going to have our first addict/porn star.

TS3 2017-11-06 17-18-54-04.jpg

Agnes:  …

Agnes: …  Do you have any extras I can buy?

Tamara:  I’d think a centerfold would be more fun than porn, don’t you think?

Ivory:  Who cares, just send me a copy of the first DVD you make.

Agnes:  Dr. Ivory, you’re so totally awesome.

TS3 2017-11-06 17-19-39-40.jpg

Mallow wastes no time in snatching himself a spouse.

TS3 2017-11-06 17-19-43-44.jpg

Tamara was quite pleased with how her treatment went.

TS3 2017-11-06 17-20-55-20.jpg

New star mod.

TS3 2017-11-06 18-05-15-59.jpg

I reset the town, which fixed up some leftover issues I was having.

Ivory wants to gain a logic level and reach logic level 6.  After that, she wanted to read a logic book.

TS3 2017-11-06 18-10-37-44.jpg

How much you wanna bet Ivory goes into labor at work?

TS3 2017-11-06 18-19-39-79.jpg


TS3 2017-11-06 18-22-40-21.jpg

Woo, no baby yet and level 3!

TS3 2017-11-06 18-23-40-72.jpg

Dustin:  Holy shit!  She’s gonna explode!

TS3 2017-11-06 18-27-08-75.jpg

I ran off to start dinner, so I did not see Colin show up to greet his son, Phillip.  He looks so please, doesn’t he?

TS3 2017-11-06 18-28-14-61.jpg

The shock wears off.  Ivory rolls to get married.

Colin:  Hello new child of mine.

TS3 2017-11-06 18-29-41-70.jpg

Hazelnut:  I heard you finally popped out that bastard child.  Wanna hook up?

Ivory says yes and escapes the house.

TS3 2017-11-06 18-31-21-93.jpg

Ivory:  So, the way into my pants is through cookies.

TS3 2017-11-06 18-31-34-87.jpg

Hazelnut:  I don’t eat anything unless there is tofu involved.

TS3 2017-11-06 18-35-23-33.jpg

Ivory decides to take Hazelnut on a test drive.

TS3 2017-11-06 18-36-56-37.jpg

Hazelnut:  I’ve had better woohoo with my garbage collector!

TS3 2017-11-06 18-37-11-66.jpg

Ivory:  I have officially crossed you off of my spousal list.

TS3 2017-11-06 18-39-19-24.jpg

WTF, Ivory?  Can you be more random?

TS3 2017-11-06 18-40-02-98.jpg

Ivory treks across town to the salon where Thornton was standing inside all alone.

Ivory:  So, wanna hang out?

TS3 2017-11-06 18-40-22-48.jpg

Thornton:  Sure why not.

TS3 2017-11-06 18-41-06-76.jpg

Ivory:  I know it’s late, but let’s chat a while.

TS3 2017-11-06 18-42-22-19.jpg

Thornton:  Well, I’m out of here, unless you’re buying dinner.

Ivory:  *laughs uncontrollably*  I’m out of here too.

TS3 2017-11-06 18-43-04-38.jpg

Ivory has money, by golly, but more importantly, she has crossed the theshhold and went for gay instead of staying bicurious.

TS3 2017-11-06 18-44-50-96.jpg

Morgana:  IVORY!  Hey girl!

Ivory:  Well, well, well.  Looks who’s all hot and barely covered.  There are so many things I could do to you right now.

*I guess the mixologist outfit is that bathing suit.  I’m just glad it’s no longer the Jocasta from the previous version SV*

TS3 2017-11-06 18-45-48-74.jpg

Ivory:  Gimme a Sex on the Beach, if you’re lucky maybe we can go enact this drink later.

Morgana:  I’m straight…and married.

Ivory:  Too bad.

TS3 2017-11-06 18-46-34-56.jpg

In this reality, Erik Darling is alive and still married to Agnes.

Erik:  Yo, girl!

Ivory:  Yo, Erik!

TS3 2017-11-06 18-47-14-93.jpg

Ivory:  I need some luvin!

TS3 2017-11-06 18-48-36-54.jpg

Ivory:  So, Agnes, I hear you go both ways.

Agnes:  I am a married woman!

TS3 2017-11-06 18-49-07-98.jpg

Erik:  Ivory, dude, back off of my wife!

TS3 2017-11-06 18-49-21-96.jpg

Erik:  Agnes, don’t encourage this!

TS3 2017-11-06 18-59-24-32.jpg

Erik:  OMG!


And then my goddamn mouse wheel broke and I don’t have a decent replacement.  I saved and shut down right here.  Hubby found me one of his, but I hates it!  He has a cheap cordless one for emergencies and it sucks so bad.  With Sims 4 Cats and Dogs coming out next week, I may not have a new one for a few weeks.  I’ll limp along with this replacement, but I am not going to be happy about it.  Hopefully I can save up the $80 I need for a new one soon.

4 thoughts on “Door 2: Chapter 2

    1. A lot of them look a bit better, I’m still waiting to see how they breed.

      I love that she is totally different in her wishes this time around. Makes it a lot more interesting.

  1. I love the doctor shenanigans in the club. xD

    Aw, Colin showed up. ❤ Marry him now plz??? Whoops, she's gay. I guess that won't happen now. xD

    Whoa, Thornton's had quite an improvement. *_*

    Don't act like you aren't going to watch, Erik.

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