Door 1: Chapter 7

TS3 2017-10-29 22-20-38-23.jpg

I was going to start off this chapter a little differently, but something bad has happened.

TS3 2017-10-29 20-03-02-79.jpg

TS3 2017-10-29 20-03-19-80.jpg

Everyone in the household AND the town lost their genetics.  Everyone is face one.  I loaded the game twice and it happened both times.

I had to load up a previous save, so the teens are still at prom and we lost about two or three game days.

Now that it’s all sorted out and re-played we  can now start off differently.

It’s time we figure out these kids.

TS3 2017-10-29 22-13-09-95.jpg

Father: Marcos Mist
Traits: Adventurous, Genius, Computer Whiz, Friendly
LTW: Chess Legend
Likes: Classical, Vegetarian Chili, Pink

TS3 2017-10-29 22-17-23-95.jpg

Lace – Linen’s girlfriend, a brought to life Imaginary Friend
Traits: Adventurous, Unlucky, Hopeless Romantic, Family Oriented.
LTW: None yet.
Likes: Pop, Fruit Parfait, Purple.

TS3 2017-10-29 22-15-21-55.jpg

Father: Boyd Wainwright
Traits: Absent-Minded, Family Oriented, Perfectionist, Clumsy
LTW: Presenting the Perfect Aquarium
Likes: Egyptian, Cobbler, White

TS3 2017-10-29 22-18-14-25.jpg

Sage – Rosemary’s boyfriend, a brought to life Imaginary Friend.
Traits: Unstable, Neat, Cat Friendly, Artistic
LTW: None yet.
Likes: Roots, grilled cheese, pink

TS3 2017-10-29 22-21-32-76.jpg

Peppermint, Chammie’s IF went missing a sim week ago.
Father: Connor Jolina-Frio
Traits: Loves the outdoors, photographer’s eye, family oriented.
LTW: None yet.
Likes: Geek rock, pancakes, sea foam.

TS3 2017-10-29 22-30-39-24.jpg

Imaginary friend is out, but not real yet.
Father: Christopher (Steel) Mist
Traits: Family oriented, bot fan, evil
LTW: Illustrious Author
Likes: Songwriter, lobster thermidor, purple

TS3 2017-10-29 21-49-03-74.jpg

IF: Jelly Bean
Father: Christopher Steel
Traits: Bookworm, eccentric
Likes: Roots, Aloo masala curry, lime

TS3 2017-10-29 22-01-28-84.jpg

IF: Almond Joy
Father: Christopher Steel
Traits: Virtuoso, hopeless romantic
Likes: Dark wave, veggie rolls, red.

TS3 2017-10-29 21-23-10-26.jpg

Milky Way
IF: Gummy Bear
Father: Christopher Steel
Traits: Neat, athletic
Likes: Chinese, key lime pie, green

TS3 2017-10-29 22-35-08-55.jpg

TS3 2017-10-29 22-39-39-96.jpg

There’s not enough chaos for me, so Peach gets to make Orange real.

Orange: a brought to life Imaginary Friend
Traits: Disciplined, Perfectionist, Angler.
LTW: None yet.
Likes: Hip Hop, Tri-Tip Steak, Pink.

TS3 2017-10-29 22-14-26-90

TS3 2017-10-29 22-13-46-17

Prom pictures are on display.

TS3 2017-10-29 22-12-49-79.jpg

Lace and Rosemary play with the boys while Chris and Linen are super excited about the new xylos the boys are playing with.

TS3 2017-10-29 22-56-28-32.jpg

Ivory painted this giraffe worth over $500.  She wants to be worth $300,000, so she will be doing whatever she can to make that money.

This is basically the beginning of the end for this save.

TS3 2017-10-30 06-40-32-54.jpg

The boys are exhausted.

TS3 2017-10-30 06-41-34-23.jpg

The lag is bad enough that they fall asleep on the floor before anyone even attempts to make their way downstairs to them.

TS3 2017-10-30 07-12-55-92.jpg

SIX hours later, Chris finally wakes up the kids and puts them to bed.  Lag was bad enough that the boys were still ready for bed.

TS3 2017-10-30 07-17-02-63.jpg

Last minute homework before school and their birthdays.

TS3 2017-10-30 07-21-34-50.jpg

I guess I set it so that babysitters are YA in retuner.  This vampire showed up to help out.

TS3 2017-10-30 07-24-33-89.jpg

So that Ivory and Chris can go have their last baby.

TS3 2017-10-30 07-26-28-70.jpg

This is when I realized he was YA, when he distracted the maid and they were the same height.

TS3 2017-10-30 07-32-07-88.jpg

Ivory:  As soon as I’m done emptying this basket, I’m scolding you.

No one knows why either.

TS3 2017-10-30 07-38-02-80.jpg

Fuck you, Ivory.  Fuck you very much.

TS3 2017-10-30 07-53-49-79.jpg

Linen adds Night Owl

TS3 2017-10-30 08-03-22-96.jpg

Lace adds Adventurous?  She’s chose to be surrounded by family.  Shocker.

TS3 2017-10-30 08-06-01-10.jpg

There’s no way they can stay here.  I just wish I had moved out all the kids with them.

TS3 2017-10-30 07-51-02-34.jpg

She did more than that, but with all the game crashes, it’s just four.

TS3 2017-10-30 08-23-59-46.jpg

This was inevitable.  One of the quads was unselectable and apparently was let out of the swing and set out in the snow to starve and freeze.  I tried aging them up, but one was getting selector errors in the double digits.  So, the unselectable brat brought down the government.

Goodbye, kids.

TS3 2017-10-30 08-32-06-84.jpg

Yeah yeah, blame the poor imaginary friend.  15 hours later, the social worker was still standing in the kitchen.  I just left  her there.

TS3 2017-10-30 11-19-50-21.jpg

Butter Pecan
Genius, Loves the Cold
Western, Vegetarian fish and chips, Pink

TS3 2017-10-30 11-22-45-90.jpg

Raspberry Ripple
Adventurous, Virtuoso
Epic, Aloo Masala Curry, Grey

TS3 2017-10-30 11-25-55-40.jpg

Tiger Tail
Hopeless Romantic, Artistic
Chinese, Chili Con Carne, Orange

TS3 2017-10-30 11-30-17-21.jpg

Peppermint Swirl
Loves the Outdoors, Computer Whiz
Chinese, Veggie Rolls, Lilac

Peppermint is the only one to have a non-blue color for eyes. Hers are a random grey color.

TS3 2017-10-30 12-00-46-29.jpg

There’s no way in hell we are hanging out with 7 toddlers!

Milky Way adds Animal Lover

TS3 2017-10-30 12-01-22-83.jpg

Twix rolls Never Nude (haha)

TS3 2017-10-30 12-02-08-03.jpg

Snickers rolls Computer Whiz.

TS3 2017-10-30 11-59-24-88.jpg

Chamomile ends the birthday bash that took 300 hours by becoming Excitable.

So now we are dealing with 2 adults, 3 teens, 5 children and 4 toddlers.  You’ll forgive me if we don’t have a lot of time in a day to see all the kids.

I swear, we are basically halfway through the update and all it showed was birthdays and glitches.

TS3 2017-10-31 07-41-35-14.jpg

TS3 2017-10-31 07-42-02-38.jpg

These kids wake up Friday morning and decide to do some homework.

TS3 2017-10-31 07-42-33-37.jpg

Somehow the quads all got put to bed and should be waking up at any time screaming for food.

TS3 2017-10-31 08-20-28-80.jpg

The house pissed me off, so it got deleted after everyone left for work/school.  The maid is now playing with magic and the Hank Goddard, the newest paparazzi, is gleefully able to spy on the quads and Ivory.

TS3 2017-10-31 10-20-13-91.jpg

Then she gets her 4th star.

TS3 2017-10-31 10-20-17-96.jpg

As I’m building and checking out the house, Peach gets on the honor roll.

TS3 2017-10-31 11-08-34-25.jpg

The maid is still there 9 hours later.  I had to reset her.

TS3 2017-10-31 11-09-41-86.jpg

I built the nursery in the same spot as the previous one.   Ignore walls and floors.  They are just temp until I figure out if I like this layout or not.

TS3 2017-10-31 11-09-52-00.jpg

Behind the nursery is the living room.

TS3 2017-10-31 11-10-31-34.jpg

The kitchen and table that seats 14.

TS3 2017-10-31 11-10-45-12.jpg

I counted wrong, so one of the boys gets to share in the girls room.

TS3 2017-10-31 11-10-58-05.jpg

Boys room

TS3 2017-10-31 11-11-11-55.jpg

Screw a regular bathroom.  There’s too many damn people around here.  They also have their old washer/dryer and a buttload of laundry buckets.

TS3 2017-10-31 11-12-00-52.jpg

Off the kitchen is a small painting room and the chess table.

TS3 2017-10-31 11-11-34-25.jpg

Ivory and Chris’ room is not finished, but I got the layout pretty good.

TS3 2017-10-31 11-21-12-36.jpg

Between Ivory and Chris, all the quads need to grow up well.  Ivory forces everyone to help out.

TS3 2017-10-31 11-32-18-23.jpg

Everyone is in bed by 10 except the quads, who are downstairs alone.

TS3 2017-10-31 11-33-18-27.jpg

Before going to bed, Ivory made grilled cheese and called everyone to meal.  My mod has her serve the dish, so no one needs to pile up to get to it.  It’s also just queued up, so they can go eat when they wake up.

TS3 2017-10-31 11-40-20-97.jpg

TS3 2017-10-31 11-42-05-82.jpg

It works like a charm.

Milky Way:  This would go down better with some coffee!

Chamomile:  I’m going to have toxic farts today, I just know it.

TS3 2017-10-31 11-42-49-37.jpg

By the time everyone has eaten, the quads are past ready for bed.  They spend all day Saturday asleep.

TS3 2017-10-31 11-43-58-20.jpg

TS3 2017-10-31 11-44-34-65.jpg

TS3 2017-10-31 11-44-40-32.jpg

This new house gives them a lot of room to finally just chat and hang out.

The new house did not make the lag better.  Cleaning out the save of 100mb didn’t fix it either.  I couldn’t believe how much bloating I let it get.  I get pissed when my saves get more than 65 mb and to see these guys at 200mb was more than I could take.  After the cleaning, it got down to 77mb.  It was the last confirmation I needed that the save was hopelessly ruined.

TS3 2017-10-31 11-44-57-44.jpg

Milky Way and his damn IF play from one end of the house to another.

TS3 2017-10-31 11-50-58-49.jpg

All four of the boys wanted to create potions.  Twix’s first potion is the same one that took Ivory half her life to make.

TS3 2017-10-31 12-11-20-64.jpg

Rosemary adds genius

TS3 2017-10-31 12-11-49-75.jpg

Sage adds Loves the Heat

They moved out to one of the starter houses I had plopped down.

TS3 2017-10-31 12-12-53-45.jpg

Orange explodes right before his birthday.

TS3 2017-10-31 12-18-51-93.jpg

He had Lucky locked.

TS3 2017-10-31 12-19-13-80.jpg

Peach has Evil locked in.

TS3 2017-10-31 12-19-53-86.jpg

Twix: If your puddle runs to the plug and electrocutes me, I’ll haunt you.  I swear.

Milky Way:  *cries*

TS3 2017-10-31 12-24-01-48.jpg

Damn it, Milky Way, go somewhere else.

I am so gleeful that Ivory wants to fix the washer with 0 handiness points.

TS3 2017-10-31 12-28-59-25.jpg

No, I would never watch her get electrocuted and make her fix it again while singed.  Not me.  <evilcackle>

I was surprised that it caught on fire the second time though.

TS3 2017-10-31 12-30-06-16.jpg

TS3 2017-10-31 12-30-23-56.jpg

TS3 2017-10-31 12-30-37-61.jpg

Group: Save our mom!

She has free access to any way she can to extinguish herself.  It’s not my fault there’s too much lag for her to decide.

TS3 2017-10-31 12-30-47-67.jpg

And then there’s orange who brought a baby to watch her mom die.

Orange:  I figured we could just toss her in and have less sims in the house.

Not my favorite one born in this save, dammit.

TS3 2017-10-31 12-31-33-71.jpg

Peach:  How the hell can you be hungry at a time like this!?  How dare you!

TS3 2017-10-31 12-31-42-62.jpg

TS3 2017-10-31 12-31-55-04.jpg

TS3 2017-10-31 12-32-02-29.jpg


TS3 2017-10-31 12-32-49-81.jpg

Peach:  I was just kidding!

Milky Way:  Has sufficient time passed so I can go eat?

TS3 2017-10-31 12-33-11-00.jpg


TS3 2017-10-31 12-33-29-48.jpg

I couldn’t figure out what Chris was missing out on this and then found him at work making snow angels in his swim trunks like a retard.

TS3 2017-10-31 12-34-26-58.jpg

Orange takes Peppermint Swirl outside apparently and drops her in the snow.  The sad thing is that the doors are all specifically set so the toddlers CAN’T go outside, which means she can’t go inside either.  I had to unlock the door for her.

Ivory out lived 3 of her 5 men.  She has on living ex-husband in Marcos and 11 children.  SP was turned off, so no grandkids.

TS3 2017-10-31 12-34-43-75.jpg


Chris: My wife has only been dead an hour.  Leave me alone!

Toussaint:  I just thought you would want go out and celebrate.


And that’s how we say goodfreakingbye to Door 1.   I do feel bad that Ivory died, but I have to admit to laughing in glee when it happened.  I literally woke up this morning and loaded up my game and said, “The only thing that can save us now is if Ivory kills herself.”  I love it when my sims listen to me.

Happy Halloween!




5 thoughts on “Door 1: Chapter 7

  1. Wow, I have seen one sim lose their genetics, but not a whole family! Your game is a whole new level of special, when it comes to glitches and errors. Thank goodness for backups.

    Linen makes me laugh; Mr Adventurous, who wants to spend his life on his ass playing chess. And so many of the kids have Family Oriented – good thing this isn’t a legacy, otherwise you might have ended up with another house full of kids. Not that your simmies need any help, quads last? Daaamn, Ivory really hates you. At least they’re mixed? That should have taken care of all the “I want a boy/girl” wishes.

    (yes, writing this as I read, thus the long-ass comment and the disjointedness)

    You reminded me to clean up my Rourke save – it’s over 250mb! Deleting the SNAPs brought it down to 53mb, yay. Hopefully the new door/save goes better – maybe without the housefull of kids this time, lol.

    1. I’m just getting ready to load up the new Door. I deleted my Sims 3 folder (after saving the crucial stuff) and re-installed all my store content. There has to be a reason for the lag. We won’t get started on the lost genetics glitch. It wasn’t just the family. It was the whole town. I have lost genetics on a single sim using “fix invisible sims” before, so that’s usually my last resort anymore.

      I love that Kuree save cleaner. It has saved my game a lot over the years.

      Linen rolled the Chess Legend LTW as a child. He’s that lame. I’m really over the whole family-oriented/flirty combo. You have no idea. Yes, the quads did complete all of the baby wishes and no one had another ever again.

  2. Ha, I love that the social worker got stuck. Serves ’em right! I hate those guys.

    Great way to go out! And this really reminds me that I need to clean up my save game.

    Peach is so freakin’ scary there! I hope in the next door Ivory will not be so careless about having kids.

    1. It was definitely a a different way to end things. Peach was my favorite, I loved that she got her mother’s (hidden) evil trait. She was pretty creepy at the end.

  3. QUADS. OH MY GOODNESS. *Hugs you*
    That’s…that’s a lot of kids Ivory. It kind of makes me happy that my founder won’t wish for any children.
    What the hell Peach.
    Poor Ivory dying but honestly…your save needed it. There were so many damn kids.
    I’m off to read door two!

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