Door 1: Chapter 6

TS3 2017-10-27 15-59-20-04.jpg

Nice fall (into winter) view of the lighthouse to get us started.

Lots going on this time and not many pictures to document it.  I got injured Thursday night when the husband tried to kill me.  Then yesterday, I stayed home in an attempt to recuperate some more and my kid (13) went out and bagged his first deer with his dad and uncle, a 9 point buck.  I told them that as long as I don’t have to see the corpse or eat the meat, to have fun.

I’m a city girl through and through.  We don’t do hunting where I come from.  That’s why we have fucking grocery stores.

TS3 2017-10-27 12-32-12-54.jpg

Jared:  Holy shit.  I now see why my brother loves you.

TS3 2017-10-27 12-32-19-42.jpg

Jared’s shocked face had me dying.

Ivory is not amused.

TS3 2017-10-27 12-33-22-64.jpg

Ivory was on her way to get a makeover at the salon, but she couldn’t get one by clicking on the makeover station or by asking the stylist.  So, Ivory didn’t want to waste the trip and magically upgrades the makeover station.  She still couldn’t get a makeover afterwards and that wish is deleted.

TS3 2017-10-27 12-40-57-76.jpg

Because you never did get to see a decent pick of Linen.  He’s also in a mood swing and wanted a new haircut.

TS3 2017-10-27 12-42-23-75.jpg

Ivory:  Oh shit.

TS3 2017-10-27 12-42-42-23.jpg


Whatever gender she has locked in through the last three (or was it 2) pregnancies is still there and now the opposite gender is added.  She now wants a boy and a girl.


TS3 2017-10-27 12-44-50-37.jpg

TS3 2017-10-27 12-51-39-73.jpg

Is this Rosemary?  I think it is.

It’s Chamomile.  My bad.  They all look the same to me.

TS3 2017-10-27 12-56-59-55.jpg

TS3 2017-10-27 12-57-02-38.jpg

TS3 2017-10-27 13-02-12-22.jpg

As mentioned, Sage has reappeared for Rosemary, so she makes him real.  He had the dark skin/black eyes and was face one, so I replaced him with an unnamed sim from my savedsims folder.  I am only have a small amount of sims in there, so it should be easy to figure out his name and properly link to his creator/writer.

In the background, Ivory is heading for food, Lace is heading to do her homework, and Rosemary bails on Sage and heads to make sandcastles.

TS3 2017-10-27 13-05-14-51.jpg

Everyone was busy and this little one was hungry, so I had Sage feed her.  No, I can’t recall her name.  Peach.  Omg, I suck today.

TS3 2017-10-27 13-09-58-30.jpg

After her bottle, Ivory and Chris want Peach to grow up well.  Lace is the only one not busy, so she starts on Peach’s potty training.

TS3 2017-10-27 13-10-29-36.jpg

I really need to check traits.  I think Chamomile is a perfectionist and Sage is neat, so a lot of cleaning gets done.  Chammie even makes her bed every morning before school.

TS3 2017-10-27 13-39-11-23.jpg

Homework again.

TS3 2017-10-27 13-40-19-34.jpg

Random pic with no meaning or this is where they both wished for after school jobs.

TS3 2017-10-27 13-41-52-25.jpg

No, Ivory!

TS3 2017-10-27 13-42-14-12.jpg


TS3 2017-10-27 13-43-44-35.jpg

Ivory:  Let’s buy a car worth $10,000 so that we can be broke.

TS3 2017-10-27 13-43-51-79.jpg

I think this is Chris’ wish.

TS3 2017-10-27 13-54-22-80.jpg

TS3 2017-10-27 13-54-33-28.jpg

TS3 2017-10-27 13-54-46-81.jpg

Rosemary, Chamomile and Sage all wanted to go trick or treating, but after getting on their costumes and heading to the first house, there was no option.  I just left them out there to freeze and make their own way home.

TS3 2017-10-27 14-14-34-55.jpg

Lace:  Sure, I’ll go take care of your kid while you pop out another one you don’t need.

TS3 2017-10-27 14-29-04-61.jpg

The house grows bigger.  The outdoor equipment was all random wishes except the slide/swings.  Added in a 3rd floor.

TS3 2017-10-27 14-29-19-59.jpg

I apparently didn’t document on the new baby.  Ivory is still working on that mood enhancer.

TS3 2017-10-27 14-29-25-07.jpg

She knows almost every other potion though.

TS3 2017-10-27 14-30-43-48.jpg

Rosemary is the first one to ever find the block table.

TS3 2017-10-27 14-31-06-86.jpg

Woo! There it is!

TS3 2017-10-27 14-32-13-98.jpg

I didn’t even know he was at work.  Go you!

TS3 2017-10-27 14-34-46-92.jpg

Oh for the love of..

Ivory must be pregnant again for this to show up.

TS3 2017-10-27 14-46-11-74.jpg

Everyone was out making sandcastles today.

Rosemary:  I love daddy Chris’ new fridge!

TS3 2017-10-27 14-46-54-87.jpg


TS3 2017-10-27 14-47-27-67.jpg

Both want to go to prom, so I figure they should go together.

TS3 2017-10-27 14-51-59-70.jpg

Peach is all skilled up (I think).  She is left to work on the books as she sees fit.

TS3 2017-10-27 14-53-42-79.jpg

The laundry is so bad here that two maids showed up today.

TS3 2017-10-27 14-56-09-72.jpg

Ivory actually remembered that she had a toddler underfoot.

TS3 2017-10-27 15-00-17-66.jpg


TS3 2017-10-27 15-14-49-20.jpg

Sage and Rosemary aged up right before Prom.

TS3 2017-10-27 15-16-06-76.jpg


TS3 2017-10-27 15-16-21-99.jpg


TS3 2017-10-27 15-17-33-31 TS3 2017-10-27 15-17-25-41

King and Queen were exactly as I figured it would be.

TS3 2017-10-27 15-17-23-34 TS3 2017-10-27 15-17-40-48.jpg

Same with this.

The rest of prom was saccharine sweet getting punch and strong feelings crap.

TS3 2017-10-27 15-18-26-14.jpg

Back home Ivory wants to get rid of Rosemary.

TS3 2017-10-27 15-19-52-73.jpg

Peach has read her books and got to have a birthday.

TS3 2017-10-27 15-21-53-65.jpg

Chris immediately wants to get rid of her.

TS3 2017-10-27 15-20-54-18.jpg

Peach lets out her IF.  I think he is named Orange.

Remember that labor in front of the stairs with no pic of the baby?  I remember why now.

TS3 2017-10-27 15-34-49-41.jpg

TS3 2017-10-27 15-35-28-41.jpg

TS3 2017-10-27 15-43-41-83.jpg

TS3 2017-10-27 15-45-27-25.jpg

TS3 2017-10-27 16-06-10-37.jpg

TS3 2017-10-27 16-06-20-82.jpg

Triplet boys.  They take up everyone’s time and are very needy.

Ivory and Chris have enough wishes between them to have them all age up well, so everyone is drafted into helping make that happen.

TS3 2017-10-27 15-45-35-24.jpg

Ivory wanted a new haircut.

TS3 2017-10-27 15-58-55-05.jpg

Pregnant in the sandbox in the middle of winter.

I think I bailed here for work (and an escape to all the kids).  I swear, she better have one boy and one girl to take care of the wishes she and Chris have.  Then I’m turning off woohoo forever.

4 thoughts on “Door 1: Chapter 6

    1. I had to finally turn off autonomous woohoo. It got really bad there for awhile. She has one or two with his hair now. It does make for a nice change.

  1. At least Ivory and Christopher have finally remembered that boarding school exists. But with triplet toddlers and another on the way, they clearly cannot control themselves. xD Good thing you turned off the autonomous woohoo.

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